Entertaining us while we eat, dance, and enjoy, the live bands and DJs in our favorite evening hangouts change the entire ambience. Even if we are having a bad day, an evening out listening to good music orb dancing to their tunes, lifts up everything. Here are some artists who are making our evenings memorable.

DJ Zenny
A regular girl who is extremely passionate about her career, DJ Zenny loves to travel and is a major foodie. She is also active in social service and loves donating little amounts of her earnings to the needy. She started her career from 2013, and her first event was Naughty Naughty Pool Party. After that, she started doing tours and pool parties around town. “Tsering Doma is my birth name, but my parents call me Jenny, to make it easier. Since most people know me as Jenny, I decided to choose DJZenny as my artist name. A little bit of change in the spelling to make it a little bit fancy,” she explained, when asked about the reason for her name. The motive of choosing DJ-ing as a career was to uplift and encourage more women in this field in Nepal. She also wanted to change the perception of people towards a woman DJ.  She is a freelancer, performing at various venues around the country, usually, where she feels comfortable.

Jung Trio
A three-man band whose line up has Shivraj Jung on lead vocal, Sandip Hendro on guitar, and Suman Shrestha on percussion, it was formed in late 2015. Back then, living in the same building, Sandip and Shivraj used to have their accommodations on different floors. For months, they heard each other play and sing, but never talked to each other. Finally, they met, and found each other very committed to music. That was when they decided to perform together as a band. The percussion play kept on changing until ten months ago. They found an energetic member who was committed and honest in this profession, Suman Shrestha, and he completed the team. In the early days, they used to perform Delta blues and psychedelic rock. These days, their performances include a wider range of genres, rock n' roll, Sufi, gazal, and typical Nepali folk tunes. Shivraj says, “I think, along with music production, performance art is equally important in today's scenario, where album selling has almost hit the ground”. In the past one year, they have improvised/covered almost 200 songs from different genres, which has helped them learn more about good music.

Performances: Every Wednesday and Friday at GG Machaan

Jamming together as just a group of students of Kathmandu, Dynamix is a band recently formed in 2015. “Dynamics” means how loud and quiet the music is, and it plays a very vital role in balancing out the differences in any genre. Dipendra Tamang is the current guitarist (Karma Tamang was the former guitarist), Gyaltsen Tamang is the cajonist, Suman Maharjan is the flutist, and Sagar Thapa Magar is the vocalist.When they were students, they always wished to perform in front of huge crowds. They usually cover Nepali and Hindi songs, as per the audience’s request. They want to motivate the youths of the country to be a part in the field of music, and to keep Nepali folk songs alive in today’s generation, as well.

Performances: Monday in Ibyza, Tuesday and Saturday in Full Moon Pub ‘n Café, Wednesday and Friday in Durbar, and Thursday in Victory.

DJ Rolling
Rubin Maharjan, a.k.a.DJ Rolling, has been performing since 2012. The name, DJ Rolling, came from one of his favorite bands, The Rolling Stones. Their unique music inspired him. He has performed at many national and international venues. His most memorable performances were at the Snow Fiesta Nepal tour, which included cities like Chitwan, Butwal, and Hetauda, and Holi Fest 2072. Besides that, some international gigs like Darjeeling SangeetMela, Funk Seoul-Sikkim, and Residency, in China-Khasa, are also where he has showcased his talent of DJ-ing. “The core motive to start my DJ-ing journey is that I love music. Life without music, for me, is like Facebook without notification,” he says, when asked why he took up DJ-ing as a career. He is the resident DJ at Club Deja Vu, Durbarmarg.