Samim Khan, Head of Direct Marketing at The British College feels that particularly in marketing, digital technology is moreover taking over the traditional methods whether it is in terms of visual display, brand awareness, reaching out target niche market and others." Marketing has always been my thing while I believe I have good communication skills and a better way of presenting things in terms of persuading people; I believe my personality matches marketing.", says Samin who did his MBA from Liverpool John Moores University, UK where his specialization was on marketing, particularly market orientation and research. In addition to that, he see himself as a CEO of a renowned company in the future and lives by the study that says to be a successful CEO you have to be a very good knowledge and experience of marketing.

When asked about the scope of digital marketing, Samim explains that it has been comparatively cost effective, affordable and productive in terms of marketing effectiveness. So, in the current scenario, companies are investing on developing digital platforms, technological ecosystem, social platforms and various others to reach out to the most potential market. And the same goes with the education industry. Overall, digital techhnology has been very helpful to almost all companies in terms of boosting the promotion so as in the education industry. In the education industry, it is very important to make the contents and resources readily available to huge masses while keeping the contents updated with time. This has been possible due to digital technology for example availability of recent research and reports for students being available online to study.

Many of the books in primary schools have been replaced with games oriented activation sessions to make students understand it easily while keeping them more interested towards class and schools due to games. With that, digital technology has been helping the education industry with convenient operations, record keeping, students profiling, attendances, scheduling, exams details, result publishing and so on.