Nikita ChandakTravel for me, is being open to new experiences, expecting the unexpected, and making lifelong memories. I recently had an opportunity to travel to Janakpur, the city of peace and power, for the first time in my life. As soon as I reached the city, I was mesmerized by the place, by its art, culture, and mostly the people. Even though, not many people understood what the title of Miss Nepal stood for, there still was love and respect coming from everyone. Accompanied by young organizers of the event, I was lucky to get a little tour with comfortable and a friendly company.



We visited the ghat in Janakpur, where I got to be part of the Ganga Arati that happens every evening at the ghat. It was peaceful and spiritual. Later, I had a bike ride around the city. Next morning, we went to visit the JanakiMandir. The architecture is beautiful. The best part for me was to witness the local people taking pride in their culture and their place. It was inspirational.

One amazing thing that happened to me was, at the youth festival that I was a part of, I could donate a small amount of 15000 rupees to the three teenagers who were into robotics and were looking for some financial support. I had a wonderful and memorable short trip, and hopefully, I will very soon be traveling again, with my parents, to Janakpurdham.