Summer with Le Sherpa

Text by Basudha Rai

Dining at Le Sherpa has never been disappointing, however, always surprising. The fresh new summer menu-tasting was an absolutely delightful evening. A closed event for a select crowd on a gorgeous spring night, starting with some crunchy beetroot and carrot chips and a glass of Prosecco. This was a tasting before opening to the public.

Le Sherpa is the place for any celebratory occasion or a quiet lunch, the ambience modest, with a high standard of unique European food in a fine-dining setting, and a touch of class with their Sherpa hospitality. There is no exception in their new summer menu, setting the bar above all in the Valley of restaurants, as it seems. Supporting local producers to encourage development of standardization and trust in Nepali produce, Le Sherpa’s guest chef Emily, who is based in London, has outdone herself with produce she has discovered in Le Sherpa’s very own Farmers Market and beyond. She has been intrigued by the varieties of produce that is found in Kathmandu, and the local tastes and flavors, and created the fresh summer menu to tantalize everyone’s taste buds.

Crispy Rabbit, Timur and Lapsi. Yes, lapsi, lapsi ko achar! The rich brown pickle that is sweet, tangy, and spicy that is so loved by Nepalis across the nation, with the combination of deep fried rabbit—who could have guessed we would have this on the menu to try! The smoked trout, with lots of fresh green leaves and gin cucumber, which are usually used in cooler cocktails, was refreshing, compared to most starters usually found.

The fabulous four dishes for the mains was an outstanding selection of slow-braised local goat shoulder, along with turnip, and served with baked and mashed potatoes. Goat so tender, it was melting off the bone; the gravy had a subtle aroma that did not have the strong and unappealing smell most goat dishes do. The second option was the perfect portion of succulent boar belly served with Lukla beans. And, of course, we cannot complete our options without the vegetarian dish of market vegetables, borlotti beans and tahini. A plate full of goodness and deliciousness.

Now, to everyone’s favorite ending of a fabulous meal, the dessert. Passion fruit meringue and vanilla cream, just the sound of it makes your mouth water. Meringues are often associated with French, Swiss, and Italian desserts; however, most of us care how it melts in our mouths, and this was no different. With the local passion fruit giving it the delicious punch, the passion fruit meringue is the dream for anyone with a sweet tooth.

A chocolate lover’s dream would be the second option on the list, chocolate mousse cake, served with a crispy coffee tuile. Anything chocolate at the end of a beautifully presented meal with a hint of coffee is all you’ll ever need.

Customer satisfaction is always the main priority for Le Sherpa, even if it means to break a few rules of fine dining here and there. Breaking rules is never a bad thing as long as you know how to do it. As always, never disappointing and always surprising, Le Sherpa has done it again with their new summer menu. Highly recommended to go on a nice brunch date with your girlfriends or family or friends and relax in their serene garden and share a meal you wouldn’t possibly find elsewhere. Take everyone and enjoy the real Sherpa hospitability. And, don’t forget to check out their wide range of spirits and wines. The summer menu is on go now, enjoy every bit and bite of it.