With the heat wave about to hit us quickly, now might be the best time to change a few things on how you get ready. We are talking about the change from dark, broody, and full-faced makeup to light, fresh, and breathable looks. It might not seem realistic and practical to some to change their looks with every passing season that comes by, but actually, your face and your look can really benefit with the slight changes that you bring to your routine. Summer not only means longer days and less layers of clothes to wear, but it also brings in the cons of sweat dripping from every part of the body, including the face. Here are some helpful makeup hacks to swear by that will help you lighten up, but still look put-together by acing the “summer look” once and for all.

1. Sunscreen is a must. Although specialists insist on not removing sunscreen out of the daily routine, and we might have gotten away in the chillier days by not wearing it, you have to make sure that sunscreen goes by unnoticed in the summer. Sunscreen that has higher SPF and also includes moisturizer is the one to-go product for the summer days. It not only helps your face protect itself from the harmful UV rays, but will also help to act as a base for the makeup that is to be put on.

2. During the sweaty, summer days, it is best to not go with a heavy-faced makeup, including foundation, in fact, it’s better toditch the foundation altogether and go forth with just a concealer. Covering up shadows, spots, or blemishes with just concealer means less blotting to do and less cake-y patches to worry about. It also means your skin will get the break it deserves from all the dabbing that is done with the beauty blender!

3. Alright, I know it’s hard to ditch the full-face coverage and flawless looking skin that foundation provides, which is why the specialists came up with tinted moisturizers! The
best thing about tinted moisturizers is that they not only moisturize your skin, they even- out the skin tone, add radiance, and don’t feel heavy in the heat. This is all of the good stuff packed into one little tube that you need to get for the summer!

4.The increasing hot weather means people rushing out to the nearest beaches to get their prefect tan, or some going out for a fake spray tan. Unfortunately, OR fortunately,
for us, we have bronzers to do the trick! Applying a bronzer with a slight shimmer and peach or pink undertones over the apples of your cheeks, across the bridge of the nose, and on the temples will naturally help us mimic that we have achieved the perfect bronzed look for the summer as well.

5. The stress of keeping the summer makeup look as minimal as possible can be real sometimes. But with a touch of shimmer, nothing goes by unnoticed, all in all, remaining equally minimal as well. Summer makeup is all about achieving the fresh-glow look, which can very well be done up by adding highlighter to your makeup routine. A liquid highlighter, preferably, on the tops of the cheekbones, brow bones, and down the bridge of the nose will help you look illuminated in all the right places!

6. Matte lipsticks have been our pals during the harsh, cold winter days, but now might be the right time to put them away (at least for a while). As the key is to keep it looking light, you can opt for either lip balms with a sheer color, or satin-finish lipsticks. Satin-finish lipsticks are easy-to-blend, while not being heavy as matte lipsticks. Pro tip:
Satin-finish lipsticks can also do the work of cream blush, which makes your makeup bag much lighter to carry around in your small side-sling bag of the summer!

7. Summer screams brightness; all the more reason for you to brighten up your eyes as well. Colors like copper, pinktoned, and pastel are perfect to create the summery take on smoky eyes. Shimmery golden pink is the color that I’ll swear by this summer, and might just be the only color on my lids. Cream-to powder eye shadows are perfect for the summer days, as well!