1. How often has your team been practicing, and how do you expect your team to perform in the tournament?

2. Futsal has become very popular and there are a number of tournaments being organized in Nepal. How is Absolute Corporate Futsal different from other tournaments and why did your team opt to play in this tournament?

3. In your opinion, how important is an initiative like this for a corporate organization and its employees?


Prajwol Prajapati, Captain, NCell (Blue)

1. We practice for two hours twice a week among our colleagues. This began from the year 2012 and is still going on till date.

2. I personally would always choose quality over quantity. Absolute Corporate Futsal was a good event in the past, where the organizing team didn’t leave any stone unturned. The previous edition was definitely an upgrade from the event in 2016. We look forward for better organization with more attractions in the upcoming tournament, as well. So, we decided to continue our participation.

3. Futsal provides the space between daily responsibilities and one’s hobby. Once we enter the field, we forget everything going on in our lives and the rectangular field becomes our life. Tournaments like this helps to build the bond among the employees and players from other corporate houses as well. Sports keep us healthy and many other benefits can be gained. These benefits and bonding makes it important for such initiatives to be organized regularly.

Rakesh Sapkota, Captain, Hydro Consult Engineering

1. Besides being engineering professionals, we always had a passion on football. Since the last couple of years, we have been enjoying our regular office futsal a couple of times a week. Particularly, for this tournament, we take this as a big event within our corporate circle, but haven't given much time and focus in proper practicing this year due to hectic office work. We are hoping for some training/practice sessions before going for this big test.

2. Being one of the corporate houses, we always were looking for these kinds of events once in a year, at least. Last year, we got an opportunity to be a participant in this tournament. The impression about this tournament were:
(a) Proper event management
(b) Participation of pure corporate houses with consistently same standards (avoiding national futsal players and football divisional players)
(c) Decent refereeing team
(d) Well-managed tie-sheet draw program

3. It is very important, especially for corporate houses. Since we all have a very busy schedule and work load during office hours, it will be a major mood changer. On top of that, being passionate about football, this event urges us to practice and train more. In addition, this event possibly enhances the relationship between corporate houses for possible future businesses.

Sameer Karki, Captain, Peaksun Engineering

1. Well, our team usually plays futsal once a week. Although all the participating teams expect to win and show their respective team building strategies, we are also eager to show our performance.

2. As a matter of fact, we haven’t got a chance to participate in any event organized by the Absolute team. This is our first participation. So, it is difficult to compare with other tournaments. As our company works in the telecommunication sector, friends of mine who works in NCell and Huwai recommended me to participate in this event.

3. Sports activities are a very important part for any team building event of any company. Sport activities are very healthy for any company because it helps each employee in the company to build sportsmanship and cooperation, which is very important in any workplace. So, it’s a very important initiative.

Kamal Budhathoki, Captain, NCell (Red)

1. Futsal is not only a game, it is a culture at NCell, and we practice the whole year (twice a week). Our team will give the best performance with fair play.

2. As a corporate team, we feel Absolute Corporate Futsal Tournament is a pure corporate futsal event, and we hope it will be maintained as the same.

3. It is very important, as it provides a friendly and competitive platform between different organizations, which helps in development of the organization and the individuals themselves.

Sudin Manandhar, Manager, Jagdamba Rhinos

1. We don’t normally play regularly, but we do play sometimes. We have been doing this since the past two years. We will try to play the best way possible; we have new staff members in our organization who are young, so let’s hope for the best.

2. We have participated in many other corporate tournaments. We only chose and played in tournaments till now which were organized by a professional team/event, so this is a reason why we chose to play here, since the organizing team is well-organized and the members are very friendly. Last year, also, our team participated, and it was a good experience and memorable for our teammates.

3. This is important, because these kinds of events will bring a freshness to our employees and will teach them what teamwork is and how it feels to work as a team.

Rupesh Kumar Jha, Captain, Yeti Incentives

1. We have not been practicing as of now; however, we will give our best and expect a great match. My team is consistent with work and play. It’s great to participate and have good time among the corporate teams.

2. Futsal is more about bonding, and we would love to be out of our den and happy that Absolute Corporate Futsal has initiated this event. It’s our first participation.

3. The initiative taken by Absolute is highly appreciated, as it motivates the organization and our colleagues to perform well out of the work space and show their extracurricular skills and talent. It creates a great bonding between the organization and the employees.

Mrigendra Thapa, Captain, IMS Group

1. We have been practicing twice a week. We expect to have fun, and while at it, we hope to win the tournament.

2. Since futsal has become very popular in recent times, many tournaments are being organized throughout the year. We usually receive so many participation proposals from many other futsal tournaments. We had participated in the first futsal tournament organized by Absolute. We found the management to be quite professional and everything was managed properly, and the participating teams were also good, which helped us to improve our game.

3. It is a very good initiative from Team Absolute to organize a corporate futsal tournament, as we corporate people have hectic schedules at work. It is a good opportunity for the employees to be involved in recreational activities such as futsal. This leads to teamwork exercise and proper co-ordination between the colleagues, which is ultimately beneficial for the organization itself.

Dipil Singh Saud, Captain, Codyssey Web Nepal

1. We play together once every week, and it includes many other members of the office, along with the futsal team, so it’s more for fun than practice. We did well last year, reaching the semis, so we hope to go one step further this time, although I’m sure it’ll be more difficult.

2. The tournament last year was very professionally managed by the Absolute team; rules and regulations were well communicated and games were conducted on scheduled times. All the participants were very friendly and we had a great time overall, so we didn’t need to think twice about coming back this year.

3. Team sport is one of the best ways for strengthening communication and teamwork within the organization. With the timing of this tournament aligning with the FIFA World Cup this year, it can be even more effective, as it will attract the interest of more people than usual.

Padam Rana, Captain, Batas Organization

1. We, Batas Futsal Team, have been practicing since the last three months two times a week regularly. Moreover, we even got to the knockout stage of last year’s tournament. Hence, you can expect us to play well this year.

2. Yes, futsal has become a very popular sport. There are many tournaments being organized, but Absolute Corporate Tournament is exclusively for the corporate sector. This is the only company in Nepal organizing tournaments regularly. It gives us a great opportunity to know the others corporate houses. That’s why this tournament is different. Also, the fair play records from the past tournaments ensure fair play in the future. Hence, we are eagerly looking forward to participate in the tournament.

3. Due to daily office work and hectic schedule of the corporate staff, they all feel bored, so inclusion of such a tournament will help to enhance their performance, which ultimately increases the productivity of the organization as a whole. We corporate employees expect more of such a activities in the future.

Amrit Maharjan, Captain, Vianet Communications

1. We are taking part in these types of events very often. We have a balanced team this time, so we are expecting a good performance.

2. This is the first time we are participating in the event organized by Absolute. We are sure that the event will be better than others. We feel that this will be the real corporate futsal tournament.

3. Sports is the medium to make our body and mind healthy and fit. So, sports enthusiasts like us need the opportunity and space to showcase our passion towards football. On top of that, the World cup fever is in the air!

Shisir Ghimire, Captain, Elite Solutions P. Ltd.

1. Our team has been practicing regularly with proper guidance of senior football players, and we expect our team to enjoy this tournament.

2. Obviously, nowadays futsal is becoming more popular in Kathmandu, and there are many tournaments being organized. Absolute Corporate Futsal is different from others, as this tournament is for corporate organization members, who are busy with their daily work, and this helps to interact among various corporates. Also, it’s fun to play.

3. The workplace is mostly about our work. The everyday chat is mostly about work and how to improve ourselves in our work. This tournament finally gives us a chance to dedicate ourselves to something outside our work. We are bonding on something beyond our work, and I think this will help us become refreshed and keep our morale up in the work place.

Tok Raj Gurung, Captain, Yeti Airlines

1. We play futsal every weekend, along with a routine workout by team members, even when not coming to the practice site. Thus, seeing the energy and enthusiasm of the team and their consistent performance during practice matches, I strongly believe my team will turn out to be one of the strong contenders in the competition.

2) Yes, it’s true that futsal has gained popularity in the past few years due to various competitions organized, and the popularity is majorly in the cities, where we don’t have much of free playgrounds for sports. Now, to speak about Absolute Corporate Futsal Tournament 2018, it brings together football enthusiasts who are now working for organizations and are still managing time for sports. The players are of mixed age group and are now representing an organization. With this tournament, they play for the pride of their company, and we too want to play to bring pride for our company.

3) Such events play a great role in adding value and increasing motivation, while acting as an icebreaker for the playing employees. It also gives the employees a platform for interaction with employees of other organizations and develop PR.

Kritikesh Jung Thapa, Captain, Hotel Del’ Annapurna

1. We as a team have been practicing quite regularly for the last one year. In the last two months, we have already participated in two futsal tournaments. Looking into our efforts and training, we hope do well and progress as far as we can into the tournament, and also maybe win it—why not?

2. It is different from the rest because of its own standard and the recognition it has created in the last few years by organizing this event. It has reached new heights and gives us a platform for healthy participation among corporate houses. We also participated last year in this tournament for a start, so we hope to keep participating every year.

3. In my opinion, an initiative like this is very important, because it is a way to release stress for the employees. All employees work for long hours every day and do not have time to relax after work. Tournaments like this are a platform to meet other people from various organizations. It is a way to release stress and is a healthy activity.

Gopal /Sujane

1. We have been playing weekly futsal games for fun, fitness, and interaction with each other. We will be focused on one game at a time. That surely should yield positive result and take us closer to our goal step by step.

2. This tournament is well organized and well managed. It has helped to expand
networks between the different corporate houses.

3. This type of event brings all members of staff from different departments together in one place outside the working environment. It helps to develop bonding with each other and boosts team spirit within an organization. Furthermore, it gives exposure to both employees and the
organization at the corporate level.

Bhupendra Pradhan

1. We play every week. This has been our routine practice, team’s morale is high, and we will perform better than last year, and obviously eye for the gold this time.

2. This tournament has transparency in terms of only corporate house players playing in the tournament. We found the entire management very professional, prior, during, and after the tournament. Level of engagement is good. We will play every year moving forward

.3. Employee engagement is one of the most important aspects of any organization. Tournaments like this are really important, because our employees get engaged. From the players’ perspective, we get to understand the caliber of our players when playing with teams from outside. Meeting friends from other similar industries and different corporate houses add value professionally, as well.