Have you not heard the saying, “Morning shows the day?” So, you better start the morning fresh and strong to tackle the day like a boss. A fitness regime is essential to achieve the harmony of body and mind. It might be a bit tough at the beginning to follow the routine, but trust me, the difference is completely visible after just one week. Let me guide you through the whole process.

Start Your Day with Stretching

You might be awake, but your muscles and your joints are still asleep in the morning. Stretching sends more blood circulation in your muscles to wake them up and gives you more flexibility. Start with arm extensions; stretch your arm as far as you can while keeping your head straight. Now, curl up your hands and make an upper extension of the hand to benefit your shoulders. Complete your stretching with neck movements; slowly rotate your neck clockwise and counter clockwise.

Your Body Demands Detoxification

A good blend of tea works as an active laxative and improves your immune system. It ultimately gives you a stronger metabolism and cleanses any toxins within. Get green tea or herbal tea with black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, jasmine, cloves, mint or turmeric. The tea doesn’t have to be super strong, but you have to drink larger portions. You can easily make two infusions from the same tea leaves, the first infusion only requires three minutes. Avoid adding sugar in your tea. Opt for a small spoon of honey if you really crave for sugar in your tea.

Cling to Your Cardio

You do not need to sweat hard at the gym, but working on your stamina and your endurance is very important for your body. Morning is the best time to work on your cardio. You have low sugar and insulin levels in the morning, so you can burn unnecessary fat pretty soon. Go for a run around the neighborhood in sweat pants. Or, take your bike and head out to the great outdoors for 30 minutes or more. Butif you really hate outdoors, just run up and down the stairs as your last resort.

A Round of Meaningful Meditation

Now that you are a bit sweaty and have elevated breathing, you can relax with a round of meditation. Find yourself the most peaceful place of your house and sit down and learn to relax. I say ‘learn’, because a lot of us do not know how to relax. Let go of any thoughts that are bothering you and just work on your breath. Close your eyes, seek complete silence, and let go! This few moments of alone time will help you to set a calmer tone for the rest of the day.

Decorate the Right Diet

If you are planning to skip breakfast, I have one advice for you. Don’t. A healthy breakfast is your key to a happy day. Say goodbye to the traditional cereals and sandwiches. Add fresh fruits, a generous amount of nuts/seeds, low-fat milk, and some whole grain bread to your list. Top it off with some vegetable salad, and you are ready to face the cruel world with a smile on your face!

Bonus: Help Your Body Stay Hydrated

Carry (and I can’t emphasize it enough) water. Do you want to look like 18 when you are in your 30s? Keep your body hydrated all the time. Drink more and more water. Squeeze some lime, orange, or mint leaves inside your bottle to enjoy the extra benefits. It naturally flushes out all the toxins from your body and ensures healthy blood flow in your brain.