Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management (SMSH) was started in 2002 with the aim of providing world-class education in hotel and tourism management. Situated at Lainchour, SMSH currently provides a four-year bachelor degree in international hospitality and tourism management in affiliation with Queen Margaret University, U.K., and higher diploma in international culinary arts leading to a four-year hospitality degree.

Silver Mountain has a distinct model of learning, strong research performance, and a leading reputation for engagement with industry experts. It has a culturally diverse campus life and vibrant study and research programs that prepare graduates for the workplaces of today and the future.

Being affiliated with a reputed university of England, Silver Mountain provides similar standard of facilities to their students. The director of the college, Ms. Rachana Thapa, says, “We started off with very few students, but focusing on the quality of service, we went on with it, and now it is growing. The hospitality sector is the fastest growing industry, and we produce well-skilled people who are well equipped to work in the market.”

The college provides courses like Bachelors in Hotel Management, Diploma in Culinary Art, Università del Caffè (barista training), bakery, wine appreciation, and housekeeping. These courses are very new and popular in the market, and also very comprehensive; for instance, for the barista training, the students are taught from the ground level about coffee, teaching them the science behind it using Italian brand coffee (illy). Their classes are well-equipped with the best quality resources, they use Italian products to teach the students, and their kitchens are of very high standard. The infrastructure and academic environment of the college matches the international standards of education.

While studying at Silver Mountain—be it a long-term or short-term course—the college will give the students full experience of what they need to know for the market. Hiring the best professionals with industry experience, international exposure, and good teaching skills, students get to learn from the best. The director says, “We have a team of very young and enthusiastic workers who bring their own flare to the projects and are risk-takers who do not fear experimentation.”

Silver Mountain has a range of courses related to the hospitality and tourism market for long-term learning, like Bachelors in Hotel Management, or short-term diploma courses in bakery, wine appreciation, housekeeping, etc. After the SEE exams, graduates looking for something productive and skillful to do during the break can opt for the diploma courses at Silver Mountain. With internationally approved certificate and an experience of the hospitality market, students can use their degree worldwide.

The director of Silver Mountain explains how, in the past, Nepal’s hospitality sector was taken over by the foreigners. All the good hotel businesses were operated by them, but now more Nepali people are getting into the market, and Silver Mountain, as a hospitality institution, is producing well-skilled professional people for the growth of the hospitality business.

Silver Mountain has the best hospitality and tourism courses to offer to the students. With international affiliation with a reputed college in England, the certificate is accepted worldwide, and the short-term courses are also CTEVT approved. With theoretical and practical knowledge, students can get quality education and experience at a very affordable cost, and Silver Mountain students can also get international internship and exposure in the hospitality sector.

Silver Mountain is a very inclusive, student-oriented college that upgrades themselves with time. The college believes in students performing according to their capability. Director Ms. Rachana Thapa adds, “We want our students to be more humane when they graduate from Silver Mountain. With leadership skills and qualification, we believe they will also give back to society.”