While a young cricket superstar is creating a sensation and making us prouder than we ever were, there are also some others who are representing Nepal in international arenas and deserve the spotlight. One of them is B-Boy Tricky Tricks of Everest Crew, the top B-boying crew of Nepal, who represented Nepal in the Youth Olympic Games in B-boying and made it to the Top 20. Fr!day met up with Nishant Gauchan “Nhur” and B-Boy Tricky Tricks about the B-boy experience.

Remember the days when B-boying was so popular that everybody wanted to be able perform those sweet moves? The unconventional and athletic form of street dancing that mostly consists of powerful and insane tricks reached its peak in Nepal around 2012 to 2014. The hype may have gone down a little bit at present, but it still has its place up high in the hip-hop community, and is growing.

Everest Crew have been in the game since 2009, and they’ve been through it all. From the introduction of B-boying, which was even termed as “monkey dancing” back then, to reaching its peaks, and to now, when people are looking for something new in it. “It was difficult in the past, when B-boying was but a concept – people thought it was all about flipping and jumping and stuff. It was hard to explain to them what B-boying was. But slowly, the culture spread, and it reached its peak,” says Nishant Gauchan “Nhur”, former leader, and now manager, of Everest Crew. “And now, there aren’t many programs being held, and the flames burns slow, but the passion is there still,” he adds.

Everest Crew is also the first crew to represent Nepal in the international arena. And, they’ve been in numerous international battles since 2009 in both single and group battles in Asian and European countries. Started with the ambition of taking Nepali B-boying to new levels, it initially comprised of 10 members from various other crews. And, after some highs and lows, with the new generation filling up the original members’ positions, the crew comprises of 10 members, including a B-girl. Every member brings something new to the table, and when one of their very own, B-Boy Tricky Tricks got selected in the Youth Olympic Games, he represented not only the crew, but Nepal as a whole, competing against countries all around the world. It was a proud moment for all.

It all started with the video auditions for the Youth Olympic Games, through which B-Boy Tricky Tricks got selected for the Youth Olympic Asia Qualifier in Taiwan. After four rounds of challenging dance-battles, he was selected in the Top 20, in which, he also earned a special title from the Taiwanese judges as “Special B-Boy from Nepal” due to his unique style, moves, and presentation. This also led him to be selected in the Top 10, which also meant a selection for the Youth Olympic World Qualifier, where he battled one round to earn a spot in the Top 32 in the World Qualifiers. This not only put the young B-boy in the light, but the crew and the nation as a whole!

This feat says a lot about Nepali B-boying. The future of Nepali B-boying is still bright. Yes, you may not see these funky and daring moves as you used to, but there’s a spot for Nepali B-boying in the international hip-hop dance community. What’s needed now is to bring something new to the plate, for which the crew is constantly trying. And given the platform, the opportunity, they can take it to new heights. And this goes to not only the Everest Crew, but all the other passionate B-boying crews out there. All that is needed is the love and support from everyone.

To the aspiring B-boys or the B-girls out there, “Work hard, but do not over-expect. Don’t give up on your passion. Try your best and represent your own self. And finally, love Nepali hip-hop, and promote it,” Gauchan concludes.

B-Boy Tricky Tricks

B-Boy Tricky Tricks, or Rupesh Maharjan, joined Everest Crew in 2013, when he was only 13 years of age. According to him, he adopted his stage name after a small but highly venomous animal which can deliver a fatal bite. He got into B-boying when he was only 10 years old, and hasn’t stopped since. He was the youngest member of the Everest Crew when he joined back in 2013, which he still is at 17, and says that being in the crew has made him better and continues doing so. The B-boy, who is also an artist (designs artworks for jackets and wears), impressed the judges with his unique Nepali dance moves, earning himself spots in the B-boy community. And so, he’s proved that Nepal, too, has a strong hold in the international hip-hop dance community.

Everest Crew Facebook: @everestcrew, Instagram: @everest_crew_official

B-Boy Tricky Tricks Instagram: @bboy_tricky_tricks