As we walked into the studio of The Voice of Nepal, the dazzling stage caught our attention. We could hear a participant practicing for her coming show. Four fancy revolving chairs were facing the stage. The studio was still under construction, yet it is a moment of pride to Nepalis to have such a unique approach in the country.

A reality show that was first started in Holland as "The Voice of Holland" has been brought to Nepal by LaxmanPaudyal, Head Director of The Voice. This is a show where only voice matters. No story or introduction is told to the judges beforehand. And judges are actually referred as coaches in this show, as this is not something that is made to judge who sings better, but, rather, to bring awesome Nepali singers in front of the public.According to Paudyal, "It is a talent show rather than a singing competition." Anyone with a good singing talent has participated in this reality show to grow as a professional singer. For this season, four coaches have been assigned from different genre of music—Deep Shrestha, AbhayaSubba, SanupPoudel, andPramodKharel.

The Voice selected their singers with a digital audition. Through this, participants send their pieces through digital medium. Among these,120 contestants are selected from all over Nepal who is further brought for a blind audition. Now, the blind audition has something interesting to it. The coaches, without facing the stage, simply listen to the singers as they sing. Without knowing the singer's names or faces, they have to know them from their voice. Then, on the basis of their singing, the coaches hit the buzzer that makes the chair revolve around and turn towards the stage. The phrase, "I Want You", written in the bottom of the chair is the way to tell the participants that the coaches want them in their team.

The selected participants are then groomed by the coaches and taken forward to the battle round and live show. Among the teams selected for the live round, some of them are selected by the coaches themselves and the other are left for the audiences to decide. And,in the end, one singer is selected from each coach's team for the finale. Out of the four singers, one of them will be announced as the First Voice of Nepal, depending on their vote counts.

The winners will be awarded a car, 25 lakhs cash, world musical tour, and a video album worth around 20 lakhs. They will also be made a member of GMTA. So, what is the long term planning done for the show? When asked,Paudyalsays, "We are planning to have the finale at Qataron December 14, and we will also be announcing the dates for our season 2 in the finale."

So, with the motiveofproducing the best singers and provide them a global platform, Paudyal has come this far, expecting to bring more in the next season.