Truth be told, we are lost and confused when we finish our +2 examinations. Lost, when it comes to what we want to do in the future and what we truly want to engage in. We’ve all felt this way, which is specifically why these academies have come to our rescue with their engaging services.

Mero Job

Starting with a company that went by the name “Real Solutions”, Mero Job is, and was, a true job portal at heart that worked to bring job seekers and employers together for their mutual benefit. After a long time of dealing with different employees and employers, Mero Job realized that only a handful of employees in Nepal knew what jobs suited them and what jobs would be the best fit for them. Similarly, they also realized that those applying for jobs seldom knew how to answer in interviews, and didn’t know how to be prepared. This has led to them starting a self-assessment program, along with counseling, to prepare students and candidates on how to choose jobs and how to score them.

Their self-assessment services concern finding out what you’re good at, and telling you where your true interests lie. This is done through DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) and mental testing methods. This would then allow you to know which subjects you should take when studying later, and what you would genuinely enjoy and be good at. If you’re not currently looking forward to engaging in higher education, you could still utilize these test results into searching for suitable job opportunities that Mero Job would provide counseling side-by-side for.

If you’re still looking for something different, Mero Job also provides courses that build on your soft skills, such as memo writing, proposal writing, public speaking, and time-management skills, which are important and necessary for the future when looking for actual jobs. This would ensure that you have a good chance at scoring job vacancies and job opportunities

Tranquility International Beauty and Spa Academy

If you’re looking to hone your skills in spa, wellness, and hospitality, then Tranquility provides a well-rounded course on how to heal and provide the best quality services to be a successful individual in the industry. Tranquility Spa is the first Nepali spa to be working in collaboration with five-star hotels here. They have about 15 outlets with 250 employees, who are well-trained in the field of modern and traditional (Newari, Ayurveda) massages and wellness. Tranquility Spa’s International Beauty and Spa Academy (TIBSA) has a huge demand, and it enhances the employability factor of spa therapists in the spa industry. Moreover, the spa industry has exponential growth, currently standing at 30% in South Asia (according to the Global Summit on Spa and Wellness).

The training here consists of mainly three months, with three-five hours of theoretical and practical training. Tranquility brings in various doctors, physicists, and foreign experts for proper orientation, but mainly focuses on the practical side. Additionally, they have been collaborating with TAFE NSW, Australia's largest vocational education and training provider. Also, Tranquility occasionally sends their trainees to foreign countries, given that they have two branches in Malaysia.

Tranquility aims to make their students capable, with serious commitment and pride towards their profession. This occupation does indeed fetch pretty high salaries, but the supply has proven to be low, both in Nepal and foreign countries. Nowadays, hotels and resorts really focus on spa to promote a healthy lifestyle and hospitality. In many cases, people at young ages suffer from heart and other chronic diseases due to lifestyle complications. Spa and wellness teaches people that health is the first priority, and Tranquility Spa clarifies just that.

Residency Hotel Academy

Reshaping the Nepali style of education right from its roots is Residency Hotel Academy, which challenges you and mentors alike to think and learn differently. It is the first in-house hotel academy in the country. It is located within the grounds of Park Village Hotel, and offers three- to six-month courses, teaching you about hotel reservations, housekeeping, food and beverage services, and food production, whichever section you choose to join and engage in. So, what sets Residency Hotel Academy apart from other hospitality and culinary art schools, and how is it “reshaping education”, you ask?

The academy focuses mainly on practical education for its students. Going into specifics, the course is 80% practical, with only a mere 20% of theoretical learning, which means you get a hands-on experience in dealing with guests and hotel staff. This makes your learning not only exciting, but also effective in many different aspects. If you’re planning to join the hotel management stream, this is a good opportunity for you to get to scan the playing field and see how it’s really done. And, don’t worry about the strict timings, as the course is designed for utmost student flexibility, with either breakfast and lunch, or lunch and snacks, or even snacks and dinner, being provided within the hotel premises.

Residency Hotel Academy also has excellent connections with hotels and restaurants throughout Nepal, which is beneficial to those looking to get jobs right after finishing their course. Placements in Nepali hotels under the KGH brand, along with hotels abroad, become much easier with their help and guidance. If you still have any queries, feel free to reach out and connect!