Mr.Takada San brings the taste of Japan’s favourite alcoholic beverage to Nepal.


Sake, a thirst quenching and mouth warming liquid delight, is a crowd favourite in Japan with its immense popularity spread from Hokaido to Kyushu and Mr. Hideaki Takada, a passionate lover of the drink himself, wanted to share his love of the fine quality drink with the people of Nepal.

Born and raised in Japan, Mr. Takada, a humble middle-aged man, is one of the top providers of the delicious Japanese drink in Nepal. Having spent most of his life travelling to various countries away from home and coming to the land of the mountains as a part of a road construction project in the year 2001, Mr Takada, an avid lover of sake, always yearned for the traditional Japanese drink of good quality during his stay here and this love and craving for the intoxicating delight led him to officially import Sake from Japan to Nepal in the year 2012. 

Apart from providing the beverages to numerous Japanese restaurants in the capital, Mr. Takada is also an active member of the Japanese community in Nepal. With more than 100 assortments of the divine liquor, Mr Takada has so far introduced about 12 different types of the Japanese liquor mostly from the northern and the central parts of Japan. 

The Japanese beverage, which is fermented from rice, is quite similar to wine however it has a completely exceptional taste of its own. Usually not distilled and utterly different from gin, vodka and other spirits and holding somewhat similarity to local Nepali drinks like chyang, sake surely stands out as a sensuous and an invigorating drink.

Produced from the brewing process which requires rice to be polished to remove the bran and a great amount of water, fine quality sake also depends on the technique adopted by the head brewers known as toji and the local, fragrant grains used by them. So, keeping this notion in mind, Mr Takada makes sure to offer the best of the best when it comes to a good stimulating Japanese beverage.

Noticing the growing craze for Japanese cuisine in the world including Nepal, Mr Takada felt that Sake deserves equal recognition as it serves as the perfect accompaniment to Japanese delicacies. So teaming up with Hotel Kaze Darbar in Kamaladi, Naxal, he has planned to introduce mainly three different types of Sake to the Nepalese taste buds in the upcoming sake tasting event being held on September 2, 2016. The first type of sake to be showcased at the event will be Dewazakura Sake, a Ginjo Sake which is produced in the northern part of Japan and will have a little amount of distilled alcohol added to it and will be provided in canned form so as to preserve the authentic taste of the drink. The second beverage up for taste would be Daishichi, a Junmai Sake also referred to as pure sake where no distilled alcohol is added and is brought from the Fukushima prefecture and third would be Kikuhime, a premium Junmai Sake made from the fermentation of local genuine rice, whose peculiar yet enthralling taste is sure to leave a lasting impression on the guests.

The traditions related to the brewing and consumption of sake is in many ways interconnected with various aspects of life in Japan. Thus, the drink in itself can tell so much about Japan’s rich culture, history as well as its physical environment. So, in honour of the rich culture of Japan, give in to the taste of the exotic drink that is bound to tantalise your palate.