There is no such thing as ‘too much food’ when it comes to NATHM’s annual Ananta Food Fiesta. 

For the 15th time, Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM), is ready to tantalize your tastebuds with its annual Ananta Food Fiesta. What began as a hands-on practical experience on event management for BHM students at NATHM, has found its way to become one of the most awaited food fiesta in the valley. And while 15 years is a long time for any event to sustain, the reason this one still manages to stay fresh is because no one really gets tired of trying delicious food. And that’s what it is all about.

Appetizer –
Where it all began

When Surya Kiran Shrestha, Instructor in Food Production at NATHM 15 years ago proposed the idea of organizing an event related to food, he may not have realized its true potential. It kicked off as a simple college activity with 6 to 7 stalls, each representing a cuisine from an ethnic group. The low-key event that it was saw a handful of invited guests, mostly from the field of Tourism and Hospitality, Ministry of Tourism, Nepal Tourism Board, Handicraft Association of Nepal, etc. As the years passed by, there was a visible increment in the number of stalls, and the incoming guests. Fast forward 14 years, and Ananta Food Fiesta was catering to over 5000 visitors, had over 20 food stalls, was supported by other hotel management schools, and had a screaming visibility amongst the Kathmandu denizens. 

Main Course –
The Big 15th

Organized every year by the student body of NATHM, it alone can only do so much for an event of such grand scale to be a success. Hence, since the 7th year of the event, the organizers have always received tremendous support from fellow hotel management schools, and restaurants – a culture that has been continued this year too. These supporting partners will have a stall at the event and provide a taste of their kitchen to the visitors. Along with lots of food; we have been told to expect Oriental, Continental, and some authentic Nepali cuisine, the food fiesta will also see other attractions such as face painting, food games, educational stalls, Hero Test Rides and live performances. Rojina Shakya, a member of the organizing committee for the event says, “Music binds all people together.” Hence, on the day of the fiesta, the visitors will be entertained with live performance starting from 11:30 am. Expect to see the bands KaKhaGha, Remnants, and Defleshed on the stage. Bringing the musical event to a complete circle will be known musicians like Sabin Rai, the all-time favourite Nepali band Cobweb, and the resounding X-Mantra. But there is more to the event than just fun and figures.

While the main agenda of the event has always been to bring people together and celebrate the culture of food, the event is also a medium to promote Nepalese tourism and hospitality. According to Rojina, the event “is a sincere effort to promote tourism and to do our best to make ‘Internal Tourism Year 2073’ a success.” What makes this event even more worthy of attendance is the cause that it will contribute to. Part of the event’s revenue will be donated to the Dhurmus Suntali Foundation.