Located on the third floor of Labim Mall, Prive by Level 3 is a fresh entry to the fine dining set-up in Kathmandu. It promises a full dining experience in a luxurious ambience. The restaurant features Mediterrean and Continental cuisine, with a collection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

As we entered the restaurant, Paramita Rana, model, actress, and now an aspiring singer, and I were intrigued by the environment of the restaurant. The seating arrangements, chandeliers, and the table setting were totally on point. “The ambience gives me a retro vibe, and I love anything with a concept of retro theme,” said Paramita. As we sat down at the table, the waiter greeted us and handed us the menus. Paramita, being a major foodie, knew exactly what she wanted and placed her order quickly. We ordered chicken kebabs for entrée, grilled salmon as the main dish, and Affogato with ice-cream for dessert.

After we placed our order, we were offered a drink, Beetroot Detox. At first, the name and the amusing red color made Paramita nervous, but after having a sip, she said,“It’s actually really nice! I thought this drink was going to have a muddy taste because of the beetroot, but it is actually really refreshing!” course, chicken kebab with tomato puree, was brought to our table after a few minutes. Tender and juicy,with well-chosen spices, the kebab was very light and subtle. “I would definitely recommend this as a perfect dish for starters,” said Paramita, as she started taking pictures of the dish. The second course was grilled salmon, served with mashed potatoes, butter, herb sauce, and vegetables. The perfectly cooked salmon, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside, along with mouth-melting mashed potatoes, was just the right main course to have. 

“People who love salmon should definitely try this dish, but with the sauce, otherwise it is quite bland,” declared Paramita, and later elaborated by saying, “I do love salmon, and I have tried multiple times to grill a salmon at home, but I haven’t been able to make a perfect one like this.” Now, it was time for the final course, Affogato with ice-cream, a coffee-based dessert with vanilla ice-cream, served in a glass that looked like a martini-glass. As soon as Paramita saw this dish, she said, “It looks like Baliey’s, my favorite drink!” She took a spoonful, and added, “And it tastes like Balieys’s too!” She did not say a word while indulging in the dessert, except, “It’s heavenly.”

Prive is a new concept to the restaurants of Kathmandu and is very suitable for private and elite parties. People who want to enjoy a fine dining experience should definitely try it

Paramita’s rating’s on
the restaurant

Beetroot and Apple Detox: 3/5
Chicken Kebab: 4/5
Grilled Salmon: 4.5/5
Affogato with Ice-cream: 5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Staff: 3.5/5
Presentation: 4/5
One word about the restaurant: Classy
Final take: Definitely would recommend this place for a dinner with family and friends, Its perfect