I have always loved eating and discovering new places. To my utter delight, Alpas Restaurant & Bar delivers on both aspects. Formerly known as Fashion Delicacy, Alpas Restaurant & Bar has taken a unique spin, offering both food and shopping. This place opened almost a year back, and under a new management, they have been thriving.
As you enter, you immediately see a spacious area with plenty of places to sit. It has a simple and relaxing interior, but what caught my eye was the artwork, which was done in hues of bright colors. There are plenty of tables and comfortable couches to seat large groups. This place has ‘more the merrier’ written all over it. Upon further inspection, they have a boutique, as well. This is a smart way to lure women; who love to shop and eat!
Moving onto the food, we were first served mint lemonade. This was a refreshing and zesty drink, perfect for a hot afternoon. The first dish that we were served was Grilled Prawns with Saffron Sauce. I was immediately captured by the presentation of the dish. The prawns were perfectly aligned with the sauce and grilled discs of tomato and eggplant. The salad was served in a martini glass. The whole set-up was very elegant. The prawns were grilled to perfection, and the saffron sauce was light and tasty. The grilled tomatoes and eggplant were smoky and delicious, while the salad tied the whole dish together. Overall, the dish was excellent and a must-have for those who like to indulge, but eat healthy.

The second dish that we tasted was Crispy Thread Chicken with sweet chili sauce. I was intrigued just by the name of the dish, and I absolutely loved it. The chicken was light and covered in thread like strands that were crispy and delicious. It went well with the slightly sweet and spicy chili sauce. What was interesting was the colorful swipe of beetroot hummus, which took the dish to the next level. This was the perfect starter that I would recommend to everyone.
The third and final dish was the Dragon Chicken with hot garlic sauce. Before the dish arrived, I was expecting a typical Chinese dish. But, to my surprise, it was completely different. There was chicken in a reddish brown sauce served with fried rice and vegetables. The garnish was a big fried red chili, which got me excited, as I love anything spicy. As we dug into the food, I was once again left dumfounded. The saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ applies to this dish. The dish was bursting with flavors. There was a hint of both Nepali and Chinese cuisines. The gravy and chicken identified as the Nepali element of the dish. The gravy was rich and spicy, and the chicken was cooked to perfection. The rice, which identified as the Chinese element, had the authentic taste and texture of Chinese-style fried rice. The chili added the right amount of heat to the dish. This was the perfect example of a fusion between two cuisines. I loved the dish and would come back again for it.
Overall, the food and the place both left a positive impression. The food was amazing and unexpected in all good ways. The ambience, décor, and service were top notch. I definitely see myself coming here again, this time with my family.  I would recommend this place to locals and tourists alike, and would rate this place a 5 out of 5.