In a city as social as Kathmandu, going out at least twice a week materializes with zero effort on planning. Going out for a breakfast date, coffee meeting, or family meals— Kathmandu restaurants have a lot to offer, but most of the places here have a to-share menu. The concept of personal orders is yet to be explored here. You’re bound to order for the table, keeping in mind everyone’s taste. To give this personal experience of dining a chance, ECS Media has put together the much-awaited Fr!day Restaurant Week 2017. This event is solely dedicated to all the food lovers in our city. A five-day-long event that gives you an opportunity to experience food from the leading restaurants in Kathmandu.

The partnering restaurants are Attic Bar, Mul Chowk Restaurant, El Mediterraneo, Le Mirch, Dining Park Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Bayleaf The Garden Restaurant, Retox, The Tulip, Or2k, Wicked Spook Fork, Calm, Genesis Café, Mango Chili, Prive by Level 3, Temptino Restaurant, Sam’s One Tree Café, Third Eye Restaurant, Utopia, Old House, Ozzie Lounge, Pauline’s Garden, Old School Café & Pub, Summit Hotel, Yin Yang, Alpas Restaurant, Places Restaurant & Bar, Bunker Hill, and Celebs Lounge. The five-day Restaurant Week is curated for your taste buds to get an impression of all cuisines— authentic and delicacy, both. Instead of sharing plates, you get a styled plate of goodness, just for you. Every participating restaurant has designed a special course meal menu for their diners. Restaurant Weeks are popular in famous food cities like New York, Shanghai, Italy, Honkong and Beijing. And now, K-town gets its very own too!
Why do we keep going out to restaurants? Sometimes, its just outstanding food, and most of the times, it really isn’t about the food at all—a favorite server, spot, or ambience. This isn’t to say that food is not important. It is. We often forget how significant the non-food aspects of a restaurant are in making a good impression.
Going out to dine is like curbing a craving. You want to devour your company, ambience, and meal. It’s a feeling of satisfaction you take back home. Even if it is to enjoy fine cuisine, celebrate a life event, escape from having to cook a meal, or just a meeting— going out remains one of the most popular activities around the world. Kathmandu is a hustling valley. People love a fine celebration with good food and great company. Restaurant Week is like giving you a chance to relish food, and experience dining out like never before!