A Wonderland in Thamel

I was on a motorbike with the photographer, crossing through crowds of people and vehicles. After turning a few corners, a resplendent maroon building came into view unexpectedly. Getting tired of the hurly-burly of city life, Mulberry Hotel is like a peaceful castle for you to escape from distractions. Kimbu Restaurant belongs to the grand hotel, which you can tell by the name, Kimbu, the Nepali name for mulberry. When I step into the restaurant, the orderly and tidy tables and chairs attract my attention. Simple, but luxurious, you can’t find any restaurant like this in Thamel. “There are a lot of hotels in Thamel, but you can’t find a hotel like this. Everything is luxury,” the hotel’s general manager said with confidence.

Even if the brand-new hotel and restaurant has been open for just four months now, you definitely can be satisfied in Kimbu Restaurant. With changing times, customers are demanding more choice and flavors, that’s why Kimbu Restaurant provides food from different countries, including Western, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and so on, in order to meet various needs. Before the food arrives at our table, the music turns on. It happens to be my favorite song, Nothing’s gonna change my love for you, which stimulates my appetite greatly.

Today’s starter is Bacon Wrapped Egg. It’s the first time I have heard of the name, and I am surprised at how the chef has come up with this creative idea. With bacon wrapping the boiled watery egg, the item looks fancy. Cutting apart, the yolk is still runny. Alongside the egg is a vegetable salad. I put bacon and egg into my mouth together; it feels so smooth and mellow, with the smoky aroma and plain egg flavor mixing perfectly.

Then comes the main dish, Pan Grilled Chicken, which had the photographer practically humming with delight. The grilled chicken on fried potatoes and herb mash was perfectly cooked—seared on the outside, white in the middle. Served with mixed greens, herb-roasted potatoes, and port wine reduction—I know all these things are involved, because it says so on the menu! Sichuan pepper, with its brooding tongue-numbing flavor, is balanced by coriander’s light touch. Decorated with rosemary on the chicken chest, it makes the whole item more tempting.

Another main dish, Pan Grilled Fish, is also my favorite dish. Accompanied by french fries and green sauce, the item sends forth a tantalizing smell. I start with Grilled Bass, which is perfectly cooked—the skin crisp, the flesh succulent, without being dry and coming away from the bones without a single one attached. Served with chopped tomatoes and onion sauce and two pieces of lemon, and decorated with dill, the dish is such an imaginative creation. I can’t wait to savor it at the first sight, and it doesn’t disappoint me. The fish is soft, tender, and pleasant to taste, fascinating me deeply. Dipping into the sauce makes the food acidulous and sweet to eat. Once you try it, you’ll love it!

Reading all this, you must be eager to have a try, and if you are worried about the price, you can rest your mind. The most expensive dish of my main course, Pan Grilled Chicken, only costs Rs.675, which is fairly reasonable. Apart from feasting on delicious food, you will also enjoy the considerate service. If you become a member of the hotel, or keep coming four or five times to the restaurant, they can give you a 15% discount. The restaurant serves buffet as breakfast for hotel guests, and can also prepare buffets for large groups depending on the guests’ needs.

Supposing you are wandering around Thamel, and feel starved, Kimbu Restaurant is where you should head to for a most satisfying dining experience.