Third Eye Restaurant

Located in Thamel, Third Eye Restaurant is definitely one of the best places to dine out if you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine. MalaiKofta (fried dumpling balls with cream) along with the genuine flavors of biryani and naan will take you back to your India visit, as the taste is perfect for all Indian food lovers, with the option of choosing the spices as per one’s needs.


 Yin Yang Restaurant

One of the Thamel’s most highly regarded restaurants, serving authentic Thai food, Yin Yang has a menu that features Thai cuisine different and more authentic from those found elsewhere in Kathmandu, all conjured up by a Thai chef. Tom Yam Pak, a spicy hot and sour mixed vegetable soup and Tom Yam Kung, or Spicy Prawn Soup, are renowned for their terrific flavors. Also, don’t forget to taste the Thai-style stir-fried Pak Choy when you visit the place.


Burger Shack

A tiny one-shutter diner-styled burger place known for its hygienic burgers, along with the bright red chairs, is what makes Burger Shack famous. The Baconizer,when served with their signature Blueberry milkshake, will satisfy your craving for burger and will definitely be price-worthy. A double grilled chicken patty with bacon, jalapenos, onions, and barbeque sauce make the burger heavenly with the smoky bacon, along with the grilled chicken that just melts in your mouth. The true winner of the burger, though, is the bread that encases the meat. 


Wow Popcorn

Sourcing the best and biggest corn kernels from across the world to bring the best there is to offer, Wow Popcorn is a one-of-its-kind popcorn outlet chain, which brings you the finest quality of corn kernels. Caramel and caramel-cheese flavored popcorns are the mains when choosing among the varieties they have. With the tagline, ‘Go WOW all the way’, these flavored pop-corn chains will no doubt help you satisfy your popcorn craving.







Belgian Waffle

Offering a unique, on-the-go waffle sandwich created fresh at their waffle stations with the specially formulated egg-less batter and premium fillings, Belgian Waffle offers the freshly baked, hot, and crispy waffles to delight your mood on the go. With their signature double chocolate, Rocky-road (Awaff-wich ice-cream with nuts) and Red-velvet flavored waffles, it stands as the best waffle-destination in town. To enjoy the waffles uninterrupted by the impatient crowd that throngs here, it’s best you take them to go.




Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant

Based on the principle of love and compassion to all living beings, Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant is the first vegan restaurant in Nepal run by a Nepali vegan group. The SeitanSadekowill give you that “beef jerky” style protein boost and should be your best choice if you are craving for a heavier, denser protein with a Nepali touch. Similarly, the mushroom stick is an ultimate choice, providing a meaty texture and earthy, umami (deeply savory) flavor.


Flat Iron Grill

Two specialties of Flat Iron Grill are their Pulled Pork Sandwich and Classic Club Sandwich. Known for their smoked meats, this classic southern dish is their signature item, and popular among their clientele.The uniqueness of their Classic Club is that, chicken is brined and marinated to make it tender and delicious, whereas bacon, and ham are made fresh in their self-designed smokehouse. The breads are made in-house at their satellite kitchen in Kaldhara, whereas,other produce come from their reliable organic farm.


Bu Keba

Among the many restaurants in Bakhundole, Bu Keba, the organic village café, stands out, as it serves pure vegan food. The mixed pakoda here is the best starter for a vegetarian. With a crunchy outer layer and soft insides, the pakoda has mixed flavors. A white cream sauce goes well with the pakodas and is made up of cream, garlic, salt, and pepper. Simple yet delicious, the pakodas served with the creamy sauce are completely vegan. At the same time, the Soya Chaap platter is one of a kind, proving to be a dish that brings all the Indian flavors into it.


The Village Café

Serving you various Newari cuisines with home-cooked taste and aroma for you to savor, The Village Café is a must-visit in town. Yomari, a sweet bun that originated as a festival food, will remind you of the Newar festival that marks the end of the rice harvest, as an offering of thanks to the gods for a good harvest. This steamed bun is made from rice flour dough, specifically of rice from the new harvest, and then steamed, which gives it that transparent white look. Inside, you’ll find a sweet paste made from molasses, sesame seeds, and coconut, reminding you of Chinese sweet buns.


Gokarna Forest Resort

Gokarna Forest Resort is more than just playing golf and horseriding. It’s equally famous for the delicacies it has for different types of customers with the best of chefs from around the world. Sea Food Chowderis a juicy seafood stock thickened with Roux and seafood like kalamari (seaweed), prawn, and fish. The chunky and creamy soup is flavored with tomato and aromatic herbs. You will surely be unstoppable when you startdigging into this, as Chef Pokharel makes it a perfect balance of the flavors.


ThakkholaThakali Cuisine

What else can satisfy you more than a typical ThakaliKhana set with its authentic Nepali taste when you are hungry as hell? The ThakaliThali here is a set menu comprising of the Nepali staple daal-bhaat, containing rice, daal, aloo(made with their noteworthy timbur), raayakosaag, chicken curry, gundrukkojhol, freshly ground tomato pickle served with a taste of Szechwan pepper, and pickles of different varieties all serving their purpose of a “thaali”, and adding local flavor and spicy taste to the dish.







Venus Restro

The recently relocated, Venus Restro has raised the Nepalese culinary bar by adding a touch of class and entertainment to their dining options. Located in a masterfully renovated residence at Chakrapath, Kathmandu, this upscale eatery's dining options encompasses Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Nepalese and Continental variations. A well-made patio out front, with stellar barbeque pits is a popular highlight for barbecue fanatics. Great deal of attention has been paid to the main restaurant and bar that occupies various dining styles such as a cozy lounge, a Japanese themed enclosure, fine dining room, spacious karaoke bars, and a flexible meeting room.


Le Mirch

A modern Indian restaurant with a subtle influence of French taste is what makes Le Mirch stand out among the crowd. As they proudly say, their exciting flavors of India with the elegant presentation provides you with a one-of-a-kind contemporary dining experience to bring classic dishes from the streets of Bombay and the cafes of France to your plate in Kahmandu. The Les Epinards with spinach, yogurt, chili, and cilantro will definitely prove to be a fabulous appetizer. Don’t forget to try the tandoori malaimomo, which is an amazing rendition of normal momos, with a signature taste that will delight your taste buds.



Hotel KazeDarbar

Hotel KazeDarbar, a traditional Rana-style hotel in Kathmandu, is famous for the best of Japanese and Continental cuisine in town. The Chicken Teriyaki Steak served with cold tofu is one of the signature dishes of the hotel. The chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce, then grilled over coals, along with some onions, makes for a perfect Japanese dish when served with cold tofu and yogurt cake as the dessert.




Creating quite a buzz in town with its ambience, design, and unique flavors, Mauri has been offering the best-quality food since its establishment. The sizzler and the pizzeria are their signature dishes, garnering a large audience. The veg sizzler, an assortment of mildly spiced veggies, rice, and alootikki over a sizzling plate, proving to be mouth-watering even to the non-vegetarians. The Bianco, with its mushroom sauce (as opposed to the conventional tomato sauce) and cheese, garnished with basil, and baked in a stone oven, is highly recommended by the establishment.




Baskin Robbins

Known for having the original 31 flavors, Baskin Robbins serves unique flavors, thusestablishing itself as the best ice-cream parlor in town. Cotton Candy, which tastes exactly like fresh cotton candy, Mississippi Mud Ice Cream, delectable chocolate fudge and ice cream, married by a fudge ribbon and sprinkled with brownie pieces, and the best of flavors like Snickers, Oreo Cheesecake, Mint Chocolate C hip, Nutty Coconut, Lemon Custard, and Pumpkin Cheesecakeare all great flavors.





A popular, Israeli-run café serving great Middle Eastern food and lots of thirst-quenching beverages, OR2K is a joint decked up with classy interiors that reminds you of the 70’s and 80’s, with its spacious, second-floor interior which is packed with backpackers. The OR2K Combo Platter is a mixed platter of hummus, made from chickpeas, tahini, white sesame paste, labane, sour cream cheese, matbucha, cooked spicy tomato sauce, and Israeli salad, which is served with naan and focaccia bread.


Bhaktapur’sJuju Dhau

The direct meaning of juju dhau is “king curd”, and you’ll find this sign all over street stalls in Bhaktapur. The rich, creamy, and flavorful taste makes it special.Locals make the curd by first boiling milk, sweetening it with honey, and then leaving it to pasteurize in red clay pots. The clay pots are traditional to Bhaktapur (you can find souvenir clay objects all over town) and their porous nature allows excess liquid to evaporate slowly, enabling the yogurt to have a firm, creamy texture. To all the Newars, dhaureflects purity, and so, most of their auspicious ceremonies and festivals will involve yogurt. Don’t miss it!


Pauline’s Garden

Pauline’s Garden is a quaint and cute restaurant serving amazing French food. Offering a warm ambience and delicious food where guests can relax and enjoy, the place is a must visit for all French food lovers. The Bruschetta is an Italian antipasto consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic, olive oil, and salt, topped off with vegetables. Similarly, the Caprese Salad is a simple Italian salad, made of sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, and green basil, enough to add a spark to your day.