Cafe Kora is a little off the beaten track, but it's worth searching for.

I'm always happy when I hear a new coffee shop is opening, especially in a part of town I love.

For starters, it’s great to see a group of people who so clearly believe in and enjoy what they’re doing. pas cher handbags The idea was born at barista school: Kushal Goyal and Adish Amatya were already friends, and there they met Sadikshya Thapa, who was a pastry chef.UGG online outlet The trio’s passion for coffee and good food, and skills for detail and flavor, was apparent through everything I ate and every drink I had there.


At first glance, you might be tempted to underestimate the place: it’s just a tiny shop front with a small counter for ordering, and a glass window where you can watch what’s going on inside.replique montre suisse The seating—unless you’re here for takeaway, which is what most people do—is woven straw mats strewn around the shiny black tiled steps that lead down to the shop. It’s perfect.


Café Kora opened in June this year, and it’s a drip bar, which isn’t common in Kathmandu. It takes real skill and consistency to use one,fifa 15 coins in my opinion, apart from a specific grind. Kora practices Direct Trade, sourcing their coffee beans directly from local farmers, and they’ve combined medium and dark roasts in a secret ratio to create their own proprietary blend: floral, woody, nutty. They use Hario equipment from Japan,Louis Vuitton outlet plus a wood and brass frame that they’ve made themselves (and have already had orders for!) to make the coffee.


But great coffee isn’t all they do. With summer in full swing, they have a changing rotation of seasonal smoothies, as well as a virgin grape apple sangria, which is a menu favourite for good reason: it’s refreshing and delicious. I was also very impressed with the mint lemonade, FIFA 15 Coins, a drink I love, which was perfectly executed with a little undertone of cinnamon that really set it apart from other places. We also tasted the mango smoothie, which isn’t something I’d normally order, but this version was so good I’d happily have it for breakfast every day. Again, it was the nuanced balance of flavours—mango, cardamom, a tiny bit of dried mint, sprinkled with crunchy granola—that really elevated this simple drink to something outstanding.


If you want a bite to eat, try one of their signature sandwiches in regular or large size or the chicken hot dog—both are delicious, and made with fresh, local ingredients. The ham sandwich really hit the spot for me, but there are a lot of choices on the menu, and if you’re feeling picky, you can even request your own combination from the ingredients available. The hot dog is served with a house made tomato relish; at first bite I thought it overpowered the other ingredients, but as I kept eating, the spiced mixture really grew on me and I wanted more.


We finished our lunch with the affogato, served beautifully in a round glass with a large cookie alongside. Affogato, which means “drowned” in Italian, is traditionally a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with hot espresso poured over it. I admit that I was really curious to see how they were going to pull it off with drip coffee, but I needn’t have worried; it was absolutely delicious, the best version I’ve had in ages, FIFA Coins and I will certainly be coming back for it again.


“Though we’ve only just opened, we already have regular customers—both locals from this area, and foreigners from the university and Seto Gumba down the road, FIFA 15 Coins” said Goyal.


There’s also a sense of community at work here. Café Kora has adopted the Italian tradition of “suspended coffee,” which is simply the act of paying for a second cup of coffee along with your own, to be given as a random act of kindness to someone who can’t afford one,  FIFA Coins or just the next person that comes along. Paying it forward, with coffee: a simple gesture, but rich in humanity.


Jam sessions have also been known to happen here on Friday evenings, with friends of the owners and foreigners from the nearby monastery gathering on the steps of Café Kora for some music and interaction, to play a game, or read a book.


Free delivery is also available within the Boudha area.


Friendly, hospitable people, a conscientious business model, a deep knowledge of food and what flavours go well together, how to make certain ingredients shine, FIFA 15 Coins and making something that seems ordinary really special—these are all details that I noticed on my trip to Café Kora. It might look like a simple take-away joint, but what they’re doing here is pretty extraordinary. As they’ve written on the blackboard outside, “Somewhere, hidden amongst the divine corners is a little café full of magic and love…” Go and see it yourself.
(Contact Number: 4914862)




Virgin apple grape Sangria
Iced Americano with spice mix
Chicken hot dog
A signature sandwich


Trivia-why Kora?
In Tibetan Buddhism, a kora is a circumambulation around a holy site or object, and according to Kushal Goyal, it holds all these meanings for them; the circle of the stupa, the circle of life, and of conversation. “We like to talk to our customers. They should know what they’re eating,” he says. 

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