On the sidelines of an intimate wine tasting session by Wine World at Gokarna Forest Resort, Master Wine maker Wilhem Pienaar of Nederburg Wines, louboutin pas cher  South Africa, spoke on breaking down wine’s elitist image and which wine to enjoy with your mo:mo.


You talked about taking wine to the people. How do you think restaurants and hotels can help break down the “stuck-up” attitude that’s associated with wine and wine lovers?
Personally, I feel that offering wine by-the-glass can help break the stigma surrounding the drink and make it more accessible. Buying and consuming a whole bottle of wine is intimidating for a newbie.air max pas cher Offering good wines by-the-glass will make this easier. We also have to talk about wine more and help educate restaurant and hotel staff to have a conversation about the drink with confidence.ugg pas cher I strongly believe that empowering these people will help break down the “elitist” image of wine. 


What are the best kinds of wines to enjoy on a hot summer day?
Champagnes or sparkling wines are always good for hot summer days, but fresh and acidic white wines are the best. Easy drinking and fruity white wines break the heat of any hot day. botte ugg pas cher I enjoy rose wine too, but this is a tricky category.


Any food-wine pairings that you personally recommend for the Nepali wine rookie based on what you have tried from our cuisine? What wine would go well with mo:mo?
I am told that Nepali food is or can be very spicy. jordan pas cher I did not encounter this personally, but spicy food must be enjoyed with wines that are either “sweeter” or wines that are “perceived” to be sweet. Stay away from heavy, expensive red wines. The spice will kill the wine. Chicken mo:mo will go well with Chardonnay or a blend of Chardonnay and Semillon. Veg mo:mo probably needs something a little bit fresher... like a Riesling or a Sauv blanc.



How can a layman best store his precious wines at home in the absence of air conditioning?
Store it in a place where the temperature is constant. In a cupboard or underground is probably the best. Otherwise, save some space in your fridge. Best advice is to not stock up on too many wines if you don’t have a safe place to store it.



How do you read a label to find out more about the wine?
Wine labels can be very confusing, especially some of the European ones. Look for country of origin, vintage, and variety of grape to guide you. Depending on the origin of the wine, try to remember the brand (like Nederburg) or the area (like Bordeaux) it comes from.



Does the shape and design of a wine bottle say anything about the wine it contains?
Bottle shape is often an indication of the region it comes from. We find different shapes for different styles of wine too, but there are no hard and fast rules about this. There is also a lot of tradition involved with bottle shapes.



Is there a time limit on how long before you finish a bottle of wine?
Best rule is: If You Open It, Finish It!



What are the craziest wine habits you have heard of?
We see many funny things in our travels. I guess the one that always gets me is people mixing wine with Coca-Cola in some countries.



You didn’t grow up wanting to become a wine maker even though you did grow up around wine. Did much of what you see and experience as a child affect the kind of wine maker you are today?
I think growing up with wine made it easier for me to appreciate its finer aspects. I don’t think those early days and the exposure to wine affected the way I make wine. I see it as a “soft landing” into the wine industry and the culture surrounding it.



What’s a typical day at the office for a wine maker? Take us through a day in the life of Wilhelm Pienaar.
Very difficult question to answer because every day is different. It is not an office job. To simplify it: every morning starts with a meeting with the team that helps me in the cellar. We discuss the previous day’s work and the current day. Then my day involves tasting many wines and making decisions as to how they are developing and progressing. Based on those tastings we set out the work that needs to be done.



What is the best thing about working in the liquor industry?
I enjoy the informal and relaxed environment that I work in. It is an extremely creative environment, often with the coming together of fellow wine makers to share ideas. Being a wine maker is very rewarding as I get to create many different wines. This is very stimulating especially for someone with a creative mind.



What do you do for a good time - a favourite hobby, sport, or musical genre?
I enjoy time outside - so I play golf and hike a lot in the mountains. I love reading and enjoy lounge and jazz music.