Embassy Restaurant and Bar, known for their Japanese cuisine, recently launched a line of wasabi-flavored food and drinks.



I was and still am an avid fan of Japanese anime.ugg outlets It was through these animated shows that I was introduced to the food culture of Japan. When I first tried sushi back in high school, I did not know what the green paste that accompanied it was. Still, replique montre I mixed it with soy sauce and took a big spoonful. Big mistake! A fiery hot sensation hit my tongue and hot painful gas shot down my nose. I was in tears. But, at the same time,ugg outlets its spicy taste was oddly pleasing and I wanted more. The green paste, as I would find out later, was wasabi.


I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the launch of Embassy Restaurant and Bar’s wasabi-flavored food and drinks; I wondered what a Bloody Mary would taste like with something as hot as wasabi in it. Embassy,fifa coins known for their delectable Japanese food, wanted to add something different to their usual Japanese menu and what they have come up with is a line of wasabi-flavored items. In doing so, fifa coins they have become the only restaurant in Kathmandu to use products such as wasabi Tabasco, wasabi mayonnaise, FIFA Coins online and wasabi seasoning powder to concoct new beverages. They have also added the flavor of wasabi to some of their food items.


I started off with the cocktails that Som Raj Ghorasaini, the bartender at Embassy, had concocted. There were three in all - Wasabi Mary, Wasabi Tsunami (I was told this was the most popular with the guests FIFA 15 Coins), and Wasabi Martini. Different amounts of wasabi sauce were used for the drinks. In addition, I ordered the wasabi mayonnaise potato salad and sushi plate.


The Wasabi Mary included tomato juice, lime juice, soya sauce, and Worcestershire sauce coupled with wasabi (the actual quantity is the bartender’s secret).


“It took me two to three hours to finally get the drink right because I didn’t want the taste of wasabi to be over powering or else it would have been very spicy,” says Ghorasaini. Sipping tentatively, expecting that fiery hot flavor, I was pleasantly surprised to find FIFA Coins online. The Wasabi Mary initially hit me with the salt that had covered the brim of my glass. The mix of the tomato juice with the soy sauce and Worcestershire flavor came through next, and finally revealed the spicy taste of wasabi in the end. FIFA 14 Coins Thoroughly enjoyable!


I couldn’t wait to try the Tsunami, a drink with vodka, pineapple juice, lime juice, soya sauce, soda and wasabi garnished with a pineapple and cocktail umbrella. The drink lived up to its name in terms of FIFA Coins online taste. It was refreshing and yet had that tantalizing spicy flavor of wasabi, coupled with a perfect blend of citrus.


Potato salads are a must for summertime soirees and, with the right ingredients, they are the perfect substitutes for French fries during the warm season. My potato salad with wasabi-flavored mayonnaise was light and spicy with the wasabi providing the necessary excitement. It was the perfect summer dish, capable of being paired with a bottle of chilled beer or fried chicken or pork or just about anything. Wasabi mayonnaise has multiple uses and Embassy uses it not just for their salads but also as a spread for their sandwiches and other food items.


My assorted sushi plate consisted of salmon sushi, maki-zushi (sushi with different fillings including prawns), and spicy tuna roll. Delectable and carefully presented as they were, it was the taste of wasabi that brought each element - the nori (sea weed wrap), sea food/fish rice and everything else - together. A dab of wasabi complements the flavor of sushi but too much overpowers it. Although it FIFA Coins is a beginner’s mistake, I still felt a painful, burning sensation in my nasal passage. But unlike chili powder, the burning sensation is short-lived and I washed it away with my Wasabi Martini garnished with olives that came just in the nick of time.


The Wasabi Martini includes vodka, vermouth , Cheap FIFA 15 Coins, lime juice and wasabi. The drink hit me with a clean note at the very end.


After the meal was done, I could still taste the lingering spicy flavor of wasabi. I got to understand wasabi better and it is one reason why I would visit Embassy repeatedly. The other would be the restaurant’s ambience and quality service.



Chef Bhupendra Bhattarai has 23 years of experience working with Japanese cuisine. He suggests the salmon tuna roll and salmon sushi for first timers. He also recommends the  Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Tako wasabi - diced octopus that is mixed with wasabi and seasonings and kept in a jar for a few days. It is a great side dish that goes well with drinks.


What can we look forward to next at Embassy?
Cold noodles with wasabi


Embassy Restaurant and Bar, Lazimpat



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