Suresh Waghmari’s decade plus experience working in India, replica watches uk Bahrain, and the U.K. have all contributed to his stellar standing as the Corporate Chef of Little Italy Kathmandu. Now, the man behind the Venetian Festival tells us his tale.

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Crisp loaves of bread and a splendid array of herbs and sauces await you at Little Italy during the Venetian outlet With masquerade masks and packets of herbal oil surrounding him, Suresh Waghmari, the Corporate Chef of Little Italy Kathmandu, narrates his journey.fifa 15 coins 

It’s been a 12 replica handbags year ride. I started with Hotel Green Park at Vishakhapatnam in India. It was a great learning curve that made my management skills strong. Then came the move to Bahrain, where I worked at a restaurant called The Curry Country. The owner was happy with my culinary skills and opened three more branches,air max pas cher so there was certainly a great amount of progress taking place. But I wished to gain more experience and so joined the Elite Star Hotel outlet The process of evolution continued and, after a while, a fine dining restaurant called The O Club cheap oakleys was my calling. Then I moved to Hotel Novotel in Hyderabad, the Marriot in Delhi, and after that, the Salt Bar in London. Upon my return to India, I worked as Executive Chef at Zaheer Khans Hospitality in Pune, and now I’m the Corporate Chef at Little Italy. So yes, it has been quite a journey (laughs).

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I came to Kathmandu for the Venetian Festival. We first organized it in Pune where it was a success. ugg pas cher The festival is about raising awareness of the food and the fact that this cuisine holds a plethora of dishes that must be experienced. The turnout so far has been fantastic and people have appreciated the flavors that come with it cheap jerseys.

Looking back on all my experiences, I must say that working at a hotel was the most fun. There is lots of exposure and just so much going on in so many departments. And it is run so systematically. There are elements like daily buffets that are a challenge because one wishes to make something new and bring a little twist to the menu often. Restaurants are a little limited. But then again, you do gain knowledge about how a business is run and how to get a franchise going.

The days when people used to think twice about visiting elite restaurants are long gone, which is why you’re seeing franchises coming to Nepal. People here have the purchasing power and the desire to dine at good eateries and try everything that might excite their taste buds.

The most important aspect of the food at Little Italy is that we strive to provide healthy options. I tend to stress a lot on nutrition. We even have sugar free desserts and gluten free food. Being a vegan, I have become more aware of what the body needs nutrient wise and given the fact that its also been proven that vegans lead a more healthy life, I try to spread the word as well. Eating meat leads to a bigger risk of fat accumulation due to the presence of animal fat and oil. Vegetable oil is thus a much healthier option. But again, we have to be careful about the kind of oil we use because even something as common as sunflower oil is used to make detergent and soap.

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The Venetian Festival shows that Italians are brilliant when it comes to the ingredients in their food. The double virgin olive oil that they use is the healthiest oil one can find, and it is a choice we have made in our kitchens as well. Through the festival, we also wish to talk about healthy eating and cooking. With all the chemicals and preservatives in frozen and canned foods, I think we all should learn how to treat our body well for the long haul.
In all my travels, through various countries and kitchens, I have gained an understanding of making food good for your taste buds and the rest of your body. I am constantly learning. One should never shy away from asking questions or eating (laughs), because that hesitation may take away a life enriching experience. You should try to blend the methods and eating cultures that you come across into your style, all while keeping it delicious and nutritious. I look at the people of Japan and how conscious they have been about their eating habits. Their food is very healthy and, at times when they eat outside, their food is raw! They live fit and long lives and we all can learn from that. I think more thought should be given to our food and how it is prepared. In present times, we are at the mercy of processed foods but we can make little changes to keep essential nutrients intact. That is my goal.