Give ‘Borderlands Eco Adventure Resorts’ a chance to make your New Year Celebration a memorable and fun-filled one this time with a grand party. The drive is full of treats for pit stops, and you can either enjoy the serenity there or wobble your nerves with adventurous activites.

It’s our Nepali New Year 2069! What’s the plan this year? Sticking to your same old routine or are you thinking of just staying home, warmly tucked in bed! Given the lousy and unpredictable weather we’re facing almost every day.

Putting all that aside, think about it! It’s the New Year, the beginning of a brand new year. An opportunity to put away all that has gone wrong in the past and start afresh.

Of course, there are parties being organized, from small scale to those larger than life, all over the capital city, Kathmandu. And Pokhara, a famous destination, for us valley denizens, which is just a few hours’ drive, is going to offer no less.

Perhaps, you need a break, a break from all the halla-khalla (noise), pollution and dust (due to construction and road widening) that’s causing a lot of disturbance all over the city and of course – the never ending ‘demands and pressures of work.’

Why not try something different? We all have the weekend! Should we try heading to a quieter place, where you and your loved ones can relax and chill out at the same time. Be it, with your beloved family or your very dear and near friends?

I could suggest, you go for a drive about three hours from the city, heading towards the Nepal - China border. The road is smooth enough and won’t be too hard on your ride, I promise! Also, not much pollution nor traffic and the scenery along the way, will just add to making the trip a memorable journey!

And though from afar, you can still bow your heads and ask Shiva ji placed on a green hill in Sanga for his blessings, and after a few winding curves you’d reach Dolalghat where you can feast on the tato tato khola ko maccha (fried fish) with chatta pareko golbheda ko acchar (homemade hot tomato sauce). I bet there’re just a few out there, whose mouths don’t water at the thought of Malekhu and Dolalghat ko maccha. Then once you’ve fulfilled the purpose of your stop, drive ahead for about an hour or so and you will come across a place called the ‘Borderlands Eco Adventure Resorts’ – This is your destination. It is a tranquil abode, cloaked by the lush natural Himalayan grandeur and built on sculpted terraces alongside the breathtaking Bhote Koshi River, which awaits to enchant you.

New Years at the Borderlands Resort is definitely one of the best ways to start the year. It offers not only a grand party to welcome the New Year 2069 but also a chance to overcome our weaknesses and fears.

The serene and calm ambiance helps voice our lost and concealed thoughts to make ourselves and our relationships with our near and dear ones, stronger. And while you’re at it, also, do try the adrenalin pumping adventure activities together like, Canyoning, Rafting, Biking or even hiking, it helps bond better. Subsequently, when you’re done pushing yourself and your folks to the limits, come back to the camp relax in the peaceful luxury thatch-roofed safari tents, dotted around a verdant tropical garden and revivify yourselves for your achievements. It’ll be a blissful moment, I can assure, you’ll treasure for life!

Now do you think you can come up with a better way to kick start and prepare yourself for the challenges and surprises that lurk ahead of you? If not, then see you there at the BL Party Camp 2069 !

Nava Barsha 2069 ko Hardik Subha Kamana!