When I was done eating at Ratomato, I turned to my photographer and said, “This is my new favorite restaurant.” Here is why.

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Located in a quiet neighborhood at Arun Thapa Chowk in Jhamsikhel,vente louis vuitton Ratomato could easily go unnoticed. There are no big, shiny signs indicating the eatery’s existence, neither does the restaurant drown itself in music coming out of a stereo.UGG factory outlet The other side of the gate flaunts a simple outdoor seating, and there’s a small but decent bar in the far end corner with an open kitchen behind it. The decor is minimal, UGG factory outlet with wooden furniture for seating and a few art works hanging on the wall. It is very evident that they are not trying to be what they are not. They are a restaurant and they mean business.FiFA 15 Coins 


The menu is a beautiful assemblage of barbecue and grilled dishes with lots of protein to be expected.cheap fifa coins The drinks menu is refreshing with many of their own concoctions listed on it. I had the Guava Crush,fut coins which was a big punch of guava and fresh mango, with a touch of minty freshness. Even a glass of plain water comes with a slice of cucumber, which elevates the taste and presentation of what would otherwise be just a glass of water. Plus, it assures one of the thoughtfulness and dedication of the people behind this restaurant. I could not have been more thrilled for whatever was coming out of that kitchen.

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The entree was Barbecue Chicken Wings with Peri Peri sauce. The homemade barbecue sauce on the chicken was glossy, sticky, and slightly sweet - just the way it is supposed to be. The meat was tender and juicy and the sweetness of the wings was balanced by the fiery Peri Peri sauce. Interestingly enough, their Peri Peri doesn’t even contain Bird’s Eye chili, which is normally its special ingredient. Instead, the kitchen uses our very own Dalle khursani and it really shines. Not to forget, the dish is too big a portion for one. When we were done, there was a small hill of chicken wings bones on the plate and it was quite satisfying to see that happen. FiFA 14 Coins


For the main course, we were served a Stuffed Potato Chicken with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. The stuffing in the chicken breast was sautéed carrot and cabbage. I loved the cook on the chicken. There was a nice golden sear on all sides, while the bite itself still had the moisture one expects in any meat. The stuffing was well seasoned and I never thought I would say this, but the wedding between the veggies and the chicken was a dream. The Mornay sauce on the meat gave a creamy edge to the protein and definitely helped pull all the flavors together. I am a nut when it comes to mashed potatoes, so although the one on my plate was good, I know it could have been better. But what I liked best on the plate was the grilled veggies. More often, the veggies are carelessly thrown into the plate, like a sidekick. And although it is supposed to be a side dish to the chicken, I was blown away by the punch of flavors it gave my palate in the first forkfull. It was well seasoned, with just the right crunch and still had its color intact. I wish there were more of it on the plate.buy FiFA 15 Coins 


For dessert, we had Banana Fritter with ice cream. The fritter was still warm when it reached my table and the scoop of ice cream held together. The very first mouthful of the warm banana fritter, coupled with the cold ice cream, was orgasmic. Together, they created a symphony so profound that just the memory of it wants me to get on my scooter and race to Ratomato for more.

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All I’ve got to say at the end is that for a long time, Ratomato’s identity was shadowed by the art gallery it was sharing the space with. During that time period, it appeared more as an extension of the gallery than an individual service provider. Having experienced the Ratomato luncheon, I am just thankful that the eatery has finally stood up to its full existence of being a true restaurant.FiFA 14 Coins 


“We are aiming towards healthy eating. We use organic produce and healthy cooking techniques. Most of the dishes on our menu are grilled and barbecued. You will only find a couple of fried stuff, like the French Fries for instance.” - Ambesh Rajbhandari, Co-owner and Director of Operations.



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1. Most of their herbs, vegetables, and chicken produce are organic. They farm the ingredients themselves. You can even buy the fresh ingredients at Ratomato.


2. The eatery also has a lunch menu, which is not only quick but reasonably priced as well.


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3. They provide Privilege Cards to first-time diners. The card allows you a 10% discount on every meal thereafter.


4. Thursday evenings call for open mics. Fridays are for live music. And every third Thursday of each month is documentary night.

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5. Dining at Ratomato means “no waiting.” Appetizers take 15 minutes to make it to your table and the main course takes 45.