A re you looking for something unfamiliar? How about visiting a bar to try some drinks that are exotic to the core? We take a look at a couple of eclectic drinks that will ignite your mood for a celebration with style.

A bit similar to and probably a predecessor drink of the ‘Flaming Lamborghini’, this recipe of liquor variants is as hot as its looks. When you come to think of it, then it is obvious to guess that its taste is much stronger, chilling as well as full of heat. The fiery looks that will be conjured upon its serving will definitely intensify your mood for the day.

Most preferable to be taken during nighttime, basically for the sake of witnessing its burning alcohol content, the waterfall’s serving process can be improvised according to one’s creativity and choice. There are some instances where the bartender will be using more than one pouring glass-that create a ‘bouncing effect’-to make the serving process look more extravagant.

It would be even better if you could treat yourself and your friends in a candle lit table without the direct impact of an electric bulb overhead. This gives the perfect ambience for the drink to be sipped dry.

The only precaution that you need to take is to be careful while sipping your drink from the reservoir glass filled with ice, is to be a bit patient: unless you would want to end up burning your lips!

Sambuca on fire, being poured from a wine glass into a glass filled with ice.
Price: Rs 350

Flaming Brain Tumor
The Flaming Brain Tumor looks like a brain in a glass, which is then lit up with a blue flame for about two minutes, thus giving way to blood vessels that drip from its loose ends.

“The most challenging part is making the exact shape and layer for this combo,” says Gurung. According to him, the precision that is related to the drink is highly dependent on the way the main ingredients are poured (via a spoon). This requires a skilled and experienced barman like him, who has meticulously trained his senses over the years to handle liquors of all sorts.

“Most people are attracted to its looks at first,” says Gurung, further adding that the Flaming Brain Tumor’s taste is as rewarding as its appearance.

The effect of the blood flowing through the brain is due to the careful pouring of Grenadine, which is red in color. Likewise, the bluish fire that is set over the brain (a secret combo of the remaining ingredients!) produces a spooky effect that is likely to bring to mind Ghost Rider, the Marvel superhero whose skull catches fire every night.

Are you ready to set your brain on fire?

15ml Peach Schnapps, 10ml Bailey’s, Sambuca, 3-4 drops of Grenadine
Price: Rs 350

Purple Haze
This is a tequila based drink. It is a bit salty in taste, owing to the salt that is slathered on the rims of the cocktail glass, and it sets you in a mellow mood. The Purple Haze is indeed a purple wonder, the color being secreted by combining Curacao Blue and Grenadine.

“It is a rather strong and unique shooter,” says Gurung. Unlike others shooters, the bartender has little choice over the colors due to its name, but he will definitely show your several ways to enjoy its fine taste.

Tequilla, Grenadine,
Blue Curacao
Price: Rs 300