An eclectic variety of the most important meal of the day at The Coffee Shop.


Since September,achat louis vuitton The Coffee Shop at Hotel Annapurna has been serving an Executive Breakfast buffet that is open for everyone—not just the guests staying at the hotel.replique montre rolex The sumptuous buffet spread out on the table at the corner of The Coffee Shop lounge comprises a variety of breakfast meals originating from cuisines all over the world.UGG outlet store Whether you are looking for something light and mild, like yogurt and cereal, or something to lift your taste buds, like Sambar-Dosa, the Rs.999 (nett) breakfast package offers a range that would satisfy the most indecisive breakfast mood.

The breakfast meals stacked up on the buffet table includes neutral continental dishes, fifa 14 coins with bread, beans, meat, and egg, French flavours comprising of cheese, olives, capers and, fifa 15 coins celery, Japanese tastes with Vegetable Okayu and Wasabi, Chinese staple meals such as fried rice and noodles, Indian dishes such as Dosa, Sambar, Idli and Samosa, and the local Nepali flavors of Suji ko Halwa and Bhuteko Chiura.

Despite the overwhelming range of meals served, there is more to look forward to than what is served on the table. The dishes served as part of the different cuisine are rotated everyday—which means, whichever day of the week you go to The Coffee Shop for breakfast, you will find something new to look forward to. However, if there is something in particular you are looking for, say Dosa Sambar on a day Idli is served, the chefs at The Coffee Shop will prepare it for you without any extra charge.


Despite our constant lookout for variety, sometimes the most familiar flavours are the most cherished. A simple suji ko halwa and bhuteko chiura will top any flavour most of the days.


A distinct flavour in the lot is the Japanese breakfast menu, that consists subtle tasting Japanese rice porridge made of steamed rice, water and a bit of salt—Okayu, to not so forgettable strong flavours of Wasabi.


The Chinese breakfast includes an option between vegetable fried rice and noodle, and a Chinese vegetable dish.


Adding an extra blend to complement the diverse platter at offer, the french flavours of capers, olives and cheese is also part of the buffet.


South Indian
Spices are an integral part of the Indian cuisine, even in breakfast meals. A bit of coconut chutney to subdue the flavours of sambar with Idli and Dosa, offers a unique blend that we all crave now and then.


A part from our local cuisines, a taste that we can closely relate to is the North Indian dishes. Aloo Paratha with a flavourful chutney is almost a home away from home.


Bacon and egg with toast is almost synonymous to breakfast in some parts of the world. Complemented with baked beans, sausage and baked tomatoes, the continental cuisine will set you up till lunch for good. There is also a live egg station to make an egg-dish of your choice, and also a variety of cereals if that is what you are looking for.


Other happenings

Chaurasi Byanjan Sari
The Nepali thali set served with the kind of variety suggested by the name
Rs.1,499 nett
Late Nights
A special menu served between 8:00pm to midnight every evening
Weekend Special
A new menu every week inspired by a particular international flavour
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Chef’s Say
“What we are trying to offer here is ‘something for everyone’. Our executive breakfast buffet has been prepared with an idea in mind that our buffet should be as diverse as the guests who come to dine at The Coffee Shop,” says Basudev Giri, the Senior Sous Chef.

Giri, who has been working at Hotel Annapurna since 1989, leads the team behind the breakfast buffet served at The Coffee Shop.