So I finally managed to drag my friend to Attic Bar for a Friday night out and his first reaction: “Oh! It literally is an attic.” Well, yes. It’s surprising to see how crowded even such a secluded place can get; the reason being their marketing strategy, which is largely word-of-mouth. Seemingly, it works.

5 Ws

Where’s it located?
Behind tej bhawan, narayanhiti
north Gate
What to wear?
No need to change after office. most people hang out here in
Why drop in?
Buff sandheko, shredded
When to visit?
How much to carry?
It’s a friday night spot. so be
armed with rs. 5,000 for a group
of five with drinks and taxes.

Besides the interiors, the menu here mostly features snacks with only a minimal choice for the main course. The bar is good enough, but I’m not a huge fan of cocktails, which are also on offer. I play it safe on this front and go for Nepali beer – good with or without any snack. As it is, I am more of a foodie.

We ordered Louisiana Style fries and the potatoes wrapped in bacon strips for starters. The fries appeared devilish, smelled spicy yet had a subtle taste. Bite into the oblong slices, or dip them in ketchup. They’re relatively good. The potatoes wrapped in bacon strips were sadly an appointment with disappointment.

Although worked on rigorously, the presentation butchered it all. The wraps were laid around the plate with a small portion of salad in the center. With the sweet salad dressing seeping in through the bacon, the crunchiness was gone and I was left with lame and stretchy strips of bacon wrapped around unglamorous potato wedges. Nevertheless, the sweet assortment of lettuce, carrots and transversely diced cherries in mayo placed at the center made do for an accompaniment.

Every time my sister is at the Attic, she invariably goes for ‘Buff Sandheko’, and her predictable reaction is umm… Prepared with ginger-garlic and diced green chilies, it has a very typical taste. As a matter of fact, anything sandheko is good here. My pick is the Marinated peanuts, those skinless, crunchy, halved cotyledons spiced and spruced up, and served with a couple of bites of greens. Their fried brethren are a milder alternative for the less mighty devourers.

Food aside, the service is not praiseworthy – my friend thought it was pretty ‘cold’. When I walk into a new place, I at least expect the waiter to enunciate my orders when they are served. The other night, my sister and I ended up eating the Veg Manchurian meant for a veggie friend. After some time, the guy brought in Shredded Chicken and my friend was like,” Where’s my Veg. Manchurian?” and the waiter went: “Your friends ate it”. How blunt!

Leaving aside this mix up, the Manchurian is quite good. Done in a sauce that is thick and strong, the veggie nuggets have a non-interruptive demeanor. The Shredded Chicken smells of fresh shallots and bell peppers, and tastes sumptuously swell. By the way, it’s a large portion of rice that accompanies main courses like these. Though ideal for one, it is practically more than enough for two.  !

Furnishings   Cozy and inviting
Ambience   Warm and laid back though i don’t like the typical entrance
Serving dishes   Easy to use – keep the dish in the center so everyone in
the group can relish and enjoy
Cutlery   Good enough, but there is room for improvement
Service   Too casual during afternoons and early evenings
Restroom   Zero-privacy ‘concentration camp’
My rating   (& a smirk), wish the service matches the ambience