Layered, soft and buttery in the inside and crusty on the outside – the croissant at Hygiene Bakery definitely tastes different. The ‘difference’ can be tasted not only in this bakery’s croissants but other items as well. The array of pastries and cookies and breads on display is overwhelmingly delicious while the price tags range from easily affordable to relatively expensive – but seem worth it. Discover the wonders of a local bakery.

Situated in a pleasant corner in Baluwatar, Hygiene Bakery was recently born. This local bakery, which is just two years old, is quickly gaining popularity amongst the expats as well as locals.

When entering the bakery, the warm aura of the bread greets customers while the shelves are filled with bakery gourmet delights that are a treat to the eyes. From light snacks such as mushroom patties and sandwiches to the basic bakery items like crossiant, muffins and doughnuts – there is a variety to choose from. Situ Ratna Sthapit, Production and Quality Manager at Hygiene Bakery shares that the bakery stands out from other bakeries in town for the quality of food products it offers. Sthapit has worked with Hotel Yak & Yeti, Radisson Hotel Kathmandu and Hyatt Regency Kathmandu in positions of being a chef including Hotel Shangri-la where he has worked as a Pastry Chef for over six years. “Baking has been in my blood,” says Sthapit who is now involved with Hygiene Bakery – a place where he says, he has the freedom to imagine and bring those imaginations alive on the shelves. Sthapit who believes that the mantra of successfully running an industrial bakery lies in top-notch equipment, quality raw materials and skilled manpower is running the bakery under these principles. “While the equipment has been brought from Italy, the raw ingredients are the best produces of both local and foreign markets. For example, the chocolate we use is from Malaysia,” he informs. As the name goes, customers can be assured that the bakery provides hygienic products and they can witness this first hand for the bakery houses a show-kitchen. This is also something that sets Hygiene Bakery apart from other bakeries in town. Talking about being unique, Sthapit opines that it’s not about the recipe. “The recipe to make any item is the same everywhere. It depends on the hands of the baker and the little details of technique that is put into play,” he shares. Emphasis is also given to the presentation of the items. “When it comes to pastries and even normal bakery items, we focus a lot on even the smallest details. We want what we offer to be visually appealing, food that feeds the eye before it can satisfy the stomach,” says Sthapit. The delectable pastries decorated with details such as fine chocolate noodles and carved fruits prove Sthapit’s claims.

Another innovation that is taking shape under the roofs of this bakery is speicality cakes and pastries. Sthapit is currently working on a Harely Davidson, the edible version which is built out of sugar and dough. His second attempt at such 3D cakes, Sthapit shares that his passion in art and baking together is pushing him to come up with such creations that he deems to be a first for bakeries in Kathmandu. “Be it the regular cartoon-shaped cakes or 3D structures, any design structure is possible for me,” shares Sthapit who with his knack for drawing and sketching handprints these designs. Animated and contemporary cakes of any kind can be ordered at Hygiene Bakery.

Open from 6:30 am to 8 pm, seven days a week, the bakery also offers Lavazza Coffee.

Chocolate Truffle
(Three layers of rich chocolate and cream – customer’s favourite)

Chocolate Éclairs (Pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with icing)

Tiramisu (Mix of Mascarpone and Kahlua in sugar syrup that has charmed the taste buds of Hygiene Bakery frequenters)

Black forest (The popular German cake can be found here too)

Chocolate Pralines (Heart-shaped, round and pyramid – these little chocolate pieces are an affordable delight) !