In a very short span of time Baker’s Den has been able to carve a niche for itself in the world of baking. Now, they are also plating up beautiful golden breads stacked with flavor packed ingredients .Indeed, the “sandwich” has arrived.

Four years ago, Baker’s Den opened up in Bhatbhateni, Naxal, becoming the only designer bakery in Kathmandu. From 10 pound castle cakes to an ala carte tiramisu, they are determined to excel in all. But what they pride themselves in the most is their bread.

“We have reputed expats like the French Ambassador drive all the way to our store just for the breads,” says Rome Ghimire, the co-owner of Baker’s Den. Others make the most of the bakery’s delivery facility to enjoy the golden crusted, spongy-on-the-inside breads in the comfort of their home. Available in a variety of options, ranging from croissants to baguettes and white bread to whole-wheat, the popularity of Den’s breads rests in the dedication and passion with which they are made.

Ghimire himself arrives at the bakery at 4:30 in the morning daily to prepare for the day. “We make almost everything from scratch,” he explains. Meaning, what is made today will not be on sale tomorrow. Apart from fruitcakes and muffins, nothing stays in the bakery longer than a day. “We don’t use preservatives or artificial coloring and flavors,” says Ghimire. This lack of preservatives is why the bakery recommends customers to refrain from consuming their much-celebrated breads after three days from manufacture. The leftover white bread is turned into crumbs and used in other products.

But what has made these breads even more tempting is Baker’s Den’s latest offering: sandwiches. Laden with fresh, creamy coleslaw salad, coupled with wine infused beetroot relish, crunchy lettuce, cucumber, tomato and cheese slice, Sandwich Vegetable Foot Long was the one we devoured. I had never expected multigrain bread to be so good, especially without a slice of ham. The bread is the hero of the dish and the different toppings add to its texture and taste, heightening the overall experience. For just Rs. 399 the full sandwich is adequate for two. Pair it with a soft drink and a piece of Grand Chocolate Truffle or macaron and you are all set. In fact, Baker’s Den also offers a combo meal that includes a small burger/ sandwich of your choice, macarons, pastries, and a drink, for just Rs. 999.

Baker’s Den has plans to introduce more succulent dishes in the future, and if their current products are anything to go by, whatever the bakery comes up with will be very welcome.