Surprisingly it was a Monday and not a Friday, that i decided to go in search of beers as too much of cocktails and JD's went down the system in past few weeks. As a result i ended up here.

The Beers

All together they've got ten plus different types of beers from famous beer countries, out of which are three Irish dark beers - Kilkenny, Guinness and Murphy's, to be available with in a month’s time at the pub. Others are available and ready to be served. 

Canned - Opening up the refrigerator they presented us with three American craft can beers - Yeti, Colette and Titan. All of these beers are a bit strong due to high alcohol percentage than others comparatively. Nepali craft beer is also available here under the name Khumbu Kolsch or just Sherpa beer. 

Bottled - The cans were down & now the easy to hold bottled beers were up - Budweiser, Heineken, Corona, Hoegarden, Stella Artios, Kronenbourg 1664 & Kronenberg Blanc.

The Food to go with

One always needs an accompaniment besides the beverage. So matching up to the beery atmosphere Chef Raghu RanaPaheli, who's been working for half a decade here at Irish pub and takes cooking very seriously, had some carbohydrate food to offer. Taking Monica Rueck, former chef and owner of Irish pub, as his mentor, Chef Raghu has had an opportunity to learn from abroad and many other places within the country as well. 
As potato is Irish way of life, chef served us with potato delights.