As dusk falls and the last of the bright red hues of the evening sky disappear, the soft warm glow of candles transport you into a different world. The mellow gurgle of water from the traditional dhungedharas has a calming effect on the senses. Welcome to Black Pepper, Jhamsikhel, the newest address for continental dining in Kathmandu.

The first thing you’d notice about Black Pepper is the traditional Newari way in which the proprietors seem to have designed the restaurant. From the walls that are adorned with Nepali bricks and bakhampa’s to the bayalgada wheels  that greet you at the front door; from the tablecloths and napkins that are all black, red and white, symbolizing the traditional Newari costume Hakupotasi  to the intricately made wooden pillars, everything speaks of traditional Newari culture. The soft golden glow of the Newari hanging lamps, Khaddalus, lights the atmosphere at night, accentuating these details even further.

“Dwarika’s Hotel has been our inspiration while designing the restaurant. We believe that, as Nepalis, we need to promote our own culture, rather than trying to copy the western culture. We are proud of what the restaurant reflects via its décor.” says Deepak Shrestha, the Managing Director.

Indeed, the only things that adds a modern touch to the restaurant is the wrought-iron furniture in the casual dining area, the wooden furniture in the fine dining room and the continental cuisine it offers.

“Actually we came up with the name ‘Black Pepper’ because our specialty is continental food.” shares Deepak Shrestha. But why include continental cuisine, if you’re trying to promote Nepali culture?

“We are promoting fine dining in our restaurant, and for that continental cuisine is the best. However, we have also included a Black Pepper Special Nepali Thali, to celebrate our own tradition.”

Recently opened on 24 October, Black Pepper seems to have created a very good impression, already. A customer, Vicky Teufer exclaims, “I’ve been waiting for this restaurant to open since the last 2 months. Now I’m finally here, and I absolutely love it! The atmosphere is amazing, the staff is well-trained and the food is great too.”

From fine dining to casual dining to just having a couple of after-dinner drinks with your friends, Black Pepper’s compound encompasses everything to fulfill your every need. It’s open from 12 pm to 10 pm and a dinner or lunch for two might cost you around Rs.1000 to Rs.2500, depending on what you eat of course. Visit on Friday nights, and your ears will be treated with soothing live music. If you’ve come for a sojourn in Nepal, then you can even rent one of the three guest rooms in the building and make your stay in Nepal extra special. The seating capacity is 90, and there is a conference room in the restaurant for business purposes.

For reservations, call 5521897, 5536926 or visit !