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What’s good?

Of the dishes we tried, replica handbags the standout was definitely the Black Water Chicken.ugg outlets If you like American-style fried chicken, you shouldn’t miss this, as it’s absolutely the best I’ve had in Nepal to date. The large pieces of chicken are perfectly seasoned and breaded, then fried till golden and crunchy. I loved the fact that the meat inside was juicy and  replica watches succulent and not a bit dry. I was surprised at the very generous portion size, which is great value for money. As a bonus, the French fries that accompanied it were perfectly made and had a air max pas cher satisfying crunch. This is the  replique montredish that I’ll be coming back here for, that’s for sure.

The Meat Lover’s Pizza was also delicious, with generous toppings of ham, ugg outlets salami, capsicums, olives, sauce, and cheese on a well-made thin  air max pas cher crust. This is not the sweeter snack style pizza found often in Kathmandu, but something more similar to an Italian style of pizza. The seasoning is great and it would be lovely with drinks as a snack, or as a whole meal in itself. A bottle of Tabasco was replica watches close at hand if you wanted to spice it up a little, which I thought louis vuitton outlet was a nice touch.

As with the other dishes, the Black Water Salad  louis vuitton outlet was largely portioned: a colorful mélange of lettuce, chicken, cheese, apples, tomatoes, boiled egg, carrots, cucumbers, olives, and watermelons. I’m personally not so fond of such lancel large amounts of fruit in my salad, but if you are you will be delighted at the amount you get. I was very impressed with the homemade salad dressing,fifa coins which was delightfully creamy, fifa coins tangy, and tart in all the right ways.


The coffee served is of the organic high-altitude type grown in Gulmi, and they clearly have an excellent barista at the helm, because it tasted great and looked good, too.

I didn’t try the burgers or sandwiches on this visit, but with the chicken and pizza so well made, I think that those will be worth trying too, the next time I’m here.

There’s also an interesting selection of snacks, including Mushroom Bruschetta, Golden Fried Mushrooms, and two kinds of chicken wings, and a good local snack selection, all the perfect accompaniment to drinks on a night out in Thamel.

And if you’re here on a family outing, there’s also a special kids menu, tailored to their taste buds and with appropriate portions and pricing.

Décor & vibe:
You get here through a small courtyard on the right of the Kathmandu Guest House; straight ahead at the back, steps take you up to a small terrace and front coffee area. At first glance you might think this is the whole place, but if you’re here for the food and not just coffee, head down the hallway to where there’s a large pleasant seating area at the back. Relaxing music is playing—traditional and local fusion—and there’s a mix of regular tables and low ones with comfortable couches. There are lots of warm wood tones and the room is pleasantly decorated with Nepali relics, instruments, and artwork.


A few words with the management…
I spoke with Suresh Maharjan and Ajay Shrestha. Recently returned from the UAE and Afghanistan, they both have experience in the hospitality industry, having worked in five star hotels and American coffee shops and eateries.

When the long-time friends returned to Nepal they nurtured the dream of starting their own place. It took them three years to find the perfect location, but now that they have, they’re well on their way.
“We’ve worked a long time for other people, but we wanted to create a team and do something of our own,” they explain. “So many young people are going abroad to work, but our vision is to find ways they can use their skills here instead.”

The response has been good, and some dishes customers have loved so far include pizzas, sizzlers, lasagna, the Black Water Chicken, and the Bolognese and Carbonara spaghettis.

Other stuff…

The open kitchen was clean, bright and fresh smelling, with glistening stainless steel everywhere. I hope a little attention will be given to the restrooms; everything else is great but the less than pleasant odors and old fixtures there are a bit of a letdown.