The Bloody Mary might be a pleasant cocktail for a few, but for the majority it is something you try once and never let your mouth feel the horror again. But as a wise man once said, beer makes everything better. And proof of that is this drink called the Bloody Beer, which is just like the Bloody Mary, but beer is used instead of vodka. Not that I have anything against vodka, but just to show that beer really makes everything better.

Rakesh Man Shrestha, bartender at Mulchowk Restaurant, Babar Mahal Revisited starts off preparing the drink in a shaker— first adding two spoons of lemon juice which is followed by a handful of lemon wedges. Then he adds the classic tomato juice followed by black salt, Worcester sauce, hot sauce, chili flakes and ice cubes. All those ingredients are shaken well for a while and poured into a beer goblet or a highball glass. Gorkha Beer is used to top up the drink, to make the classic Bloody Mary a Bloody Beer. To add the finishing touch, the drink is garnished beautifully with lemon wedges.

The special at Mulchowk is a sleek and stylish drink that tastes as good as it looks. The Rainy Day is a cocktail not for rainy days. It is prepared in a cocktail glass first pouring a little Blue Curacao that always stays at the bottom of the glass. It is followed by ice cubes, dark rum and vodka. Orange juice is added in the end to give the drink three layers and a lot of flavor. Shrestha suggests the drink be enjoyed layer by layer.