While visiting Boudha — a place that manages to be both chaotic and peaceful at the same time — search for Kori’s, a fresh new fast food eatery that won’t disappoint. 


The first thing that strikes you on entering the newly opened Kori’s fast food restaurant in Boudha is how bright and clean it is. After that, you notice the friendly young staff, and then you see a large and colorful menu on the wall listing a tempting array of dishes.

bv Considering how busy it is, it’s hard to believe Kori’s opened only on the first of June, less than a month ago. Run by friends and schoolmates, Tenzin Gonsar and Sang Hoon Lee (among others), it’s part of a franchise that has two other outlets in New Delhi.

Kori’s is known for its chicken items — crispy fried chicken, chicken fingers, and luscious chicken burgers. It was these that I couldn’t wait to taste. With six chicken burgers to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong. The burgers are not mere chicken patties, which can lack texture and flavour, but instead feature very large, whole pieces of chicken, breaded and fried, and in some cases grilled. The Raja Burger, with a little bit of spiciness in the chicken coating, is one of the best sellers. Or you could go for the Gangnam Style, which tops the chicken with egg and bacon - just perfect for brunch. (There are also breakfast options, in case you’re here that early!)
The strips of chicken fingers, baskets of fried chicken, and crispy, delicious fries all tasted good. The only thing I missed was a little more sauce in my burger; since I find chicken burgers a bit more dry than regular hamburgers, I need extra juiciness in there. But it was easily remedied because we had plenty of sauces to choose from. My favorites were the honey-mustard and the salsa style sauces.

Chicken, however, is not all you can eat here. Kori’s taps its Asian roots by also offering Korean items.
Kimbab is the Korean version of sushi, and it comes with a varied choice of fillings. We enjoyed the fresh Tuna Kimbab, which was fit for a hot day. Kori’s Ramen, or noodle soup, has been incredibly popular too. In fact, both the Korean menu items have been big hits.

Vegetarians haven’t been forgotten here. Kori’s has a Veg Burger and Veg Pizza Burger, while several of the Kimbab options and all of the Ramen dishes are also vegetarian. A convenient green dot next to each veg item on the menu makes figuring out the suitable items easier.

There are a good variety of drinks too. The blue lemonade is a lot of fun, and I would recommend the peach ice tea, perfect for a hot summer’s day. All manners of hot and cold coffee beverages are also available, made from Illy coffee.

Tenzin, who is passionate about training and opportunities for young people, makes sure that all their employees — mostly college students — rotate through each section of the restaurant, learning every angle of the business: “In some restaurants, employees wash dishes or chop vegetables, and that is all they ever learn to do. But here, they learn to do everything, from cooking and manning the cash register, to barista, to the cleaning and chopping too, which provides them valuable overall work experience.”

Later, as when we walk through the kitchen, I’m impressed by the cleanliness and the organization, all under the watchful eye of Korean chef Hyo Sun Choi.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response, and our patrons so far have been a real mix of locals and tourists,” says Tenzin. Indeed, the restaurant was packed the entire time we were there; there was even a women’s basketball team from Sikkim! “We started small,” he continues, “but we have plans to open other outlets around the city as well.”

High-quality premium fast food is what Kori’s promises and delivers – the taste of the well-prepared ingredients really comes through in every bite. All the condiments and seasonings, as well as the frozen French fries, are imported. The chicken, though, is local, while the vegetables are sourced fresh each morning.

Although the space is rather small and narrow, the good news is that next month, the spacious garden behind the building will be opened for more seating space: just another reason to get yourself down to Boudha and enjoy some chicken this summer.

Kori’s can be found inside the Boudhanath Stupa circle, on the far side directly opposite the main entrance.
Contact: 9808066017