Juneli Bar at Hotel Annapurna is one of, if not the oldest bars in Nepal. The bar is known for its fine collection of liquor, mainly Single Malt whiskey. It’s not surprising though that it boasts of a few amazing cocktails as well. The Bramble, a gin based cocktail traditionally known as a spring cocktail is quite famous. The drink is simple to make but has plenty of flavor and gives you an unexpected buzz. The bartender, Naku Adhikari, prepares the drink by first pouring some lemon juice in a shaker. He then adds sugar syrup, Crème de Cassis and Gin. He shakes it well for a while with some trickery and pours the drink in a glass filled with crushed ice. It is finally garnished with a lemon and served.

The Crackmandu is a drink that you will not find anywhere else. That is because it was invented by the GM of Hotel Annapurna, Abhinav N. Rana. And to his credit, it is absolutely amazing and sure to leave you with a hard buzz once you take the shot. It is prepared in a shot glass, first pouring some Campari followed by Kahlua and then Absolute vodka. But it doesn’t end there. It is finally topped with a layer of fresh cream that is mixed with tequila and to add the finishing touch, garnished with a single coffee bean which makes the drink all the more interesting.