Monin Studio is located at Greenline Centre, Durbarmarg. Its chief purpose is to educate people about the proper way of consuming alcoholic beverages.replica watches uk But it doesn’t end there. The Studio doesn’t just intend to teach; it also wants to share the 102-year experience of the Monin brand.FUT 15 Coins 


Monin is renowned for its innovation and taste, which you can witness in person at the hands of the Brand Manager of Monin Nepal,gucci outlet Varun Thapa, who will be sharing his creativity along with his experience. The unique studio is equipped with more than 500 different alcohol brands. This means you can take your cocktail mixing creativity to greater heights.FIFA 15 Coins 


Be a part of this new era in the beverage world for free.air max pas cher The only catch is you have to earn your drink by proving your creativity and interest in beverages.

Monin Studio is not just for hospitality and beverage industry folks. Rather, coach outlet it is about the vibe that is created while experiencing new and next level beverages amidst people of different professional backgrounds.

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A visit here can be a learning experience because the studio showcases new arrivals and educates people about the brands and the history behind them.ugg pas cher Sessions such as these can improve the way you host guests - professionally as well as in your family homes.

At Monin Studio, you’ll be able to taste and create classic as well as new cocktail and mocktail recipes. It’s time to experience and socialize with new people, while coming up with new ideas regarding the consumption of beverages. Learn, create, and show your creativity at Monin Studio.FIFA 15 Coins