Experience the international Mexican cuisine along with a complementary drink at Tacos and Burritos.

It is relatively easy to get hungry on a hot summer day while out shopping. ‘Tacos and Burritos’ is a choice for those looking for a quick snack after a busy shopping day at Durbar Marg. Opened barely over a month ago; this food joint has attracted many for its delicious Mexican food.
Tucked in a small walk-way a few meters from Hotel Annapurna, the joint strives on a consumer friendly atmosphere. Small and welcoming, walk in for a taste of Mexican flavors. Since Mexican ingredients are quite similar to Nepali ones, most are bought locally but some are imported.

Start off with a snack of corn chips with salsa. It is the delicate mix of the spices and the homemade touch that bring out the intricate mix of flavors. The different salsas and the guacamole have a rather refreshing taste. The tacos, have a generous filling and enjoyable to eat. A welcome extra, your order comes with a complementary drink.

All food are priced moderately - the fish and chips topping the list at Rs. 180. The owner of the joint Bipin Bhurtel explains, “I wanted to serve authentic Mexican food so that people could enjoy international cuisine at affordable rates.” Mexican food has a reputation of a street food and hence to remain true to the origins, the price was implemented. The next time you are at Durbar Marg give Tacos and Burritos a try. !