Degaa is place of contrasts, pleasing ones definitely. It is discovery of sorts when you climb up the stairs to the third floor of a building which housed a college earlier, in Kumaripati. The dark, solid traditional wooden door is a stark contrast to the barren staircase. Once in, you are greeted with a very pleasant ambience, very modern in feel which again is a contrast because Degaa specializes in traditional Newari and Indian food, for the present at least. The good food, the organized and welcoming staff and the pleasant decor make this place a must visit.

Degaa in association with Fr!day invited four well known couples to experience the mouth watering Newari and Indian delicacies. Here are the excerpts of their experiences at the food tasting:

Subash and Sangeeta Nirola
Subash and Sangeeta Nirola were served with chicken egg chatamari, hyakula fried and chicken kebab for starters. “The presentation of the hyakula fried is excellent,” remarked the couple. They added that the chicken kebab had a really good taste and after taste. The Senior Director of Nepal Tourism Board and his wife felt, however, that the portion was good for three. The Country Director for International Relief Development and her husband were not impressed with the wild carrot soup’s portioning. The ginger chicken with rice did not seem too impressive to the couple who rated it three on the portioning, taste and aftertaste. “It had a somewhat sour taste. It would have been better if it had boneless chicken,” the Nirolas suggested.


Overall Experience: “The food, the service and the ambience has value for money. The service staff were well-timed and attentive. We would have liked it if they played more of Nepali and Hindi songs to go with their theme.”

Ranjit and Diptee Acharya
The Acharyas were served bara with egg, fish tikka, aaloo tareko and vegetable tandoori for starters. “The sauce could have been better for bara. The fish tikka and aaloo tareko were really awesome,” commented the CEO of Prima Advertising. The samay baji for the main course seemed to do its magic on the couple as they rated it a full five on the portioning, presentation, taste and aftertaste. They couple seemed to love the food so much that they did not even have space for dessert.
Overall experience: “Great presentation and overall good food. We enjoyed a lot. We are definitely going to come back for more!”


Kabir Jung Thapa and Priya Thapa
Food and Beverage Manager of Hotel Radisson, Kabir Jung Thapa, and wife Priya Thapa, Head of Marketing for Ace Development Bank seemed to have quite a wonderful experience of the evening. For starters, they were served jibro tareko, bara and chicken pineapple kebab. The couple rated the jibro tareko a full five. “The bara is fantastic and the chicken pineapple gets five on five again,” remarked the couple. The spinach soup scored an almost full on aroma, presentation, and taste and after-taste. The main course of prawn curry with naan did an average on its presentation but was able to excite the taste buds of the guests. The chocolate cake tasted the best for the couple.



Overall experience: T”he Newari food they served was outstanding. The flavors were commendable and exciting for the taste buds.”

Haushala Thapa and  Anurag Zimba
Haushala Thapa and Anurag Zimba were served with a chicken and two mutton items for starters. The founder of Children and Youth First indulged herself in the chicken havazani. “The chicken was great and it had a pleasant aroma,” she said. Zimba wished the fokso tareko was a bit more crispy and served with condiments. The spicy cauliflower soup was found a bit too salty. The Nepali dal bhaat set did not fail to woo the guests. They commented, “The Nepali meal was good. We really loved the badel – it was well cooked and excellent. The chicken curry was okay. The meat could have been cut into smaller portions. Mula ko achaar was perfectly made and had a pleasant after taste”.
Overall Experience: “It was a pleasant dinner and the staff were very hospitable. The meal was heavy yet great! They do keep up to the Newari food standard. The sikarni for dessert was the best. The badel is a must try. !


Degaa in Newari means an abode. Like in a temple where everyone is welcome, we have set up the ambience of the restaurant that suits people from all different walks of life.  It was really nice to have the couples come and taste the new items. They were officially the first people to try the new dishes. We have been focusing on expanding our Indian food menu.”
Upasana Shrestha, Marketing Director, Degaa