As the seasons change, so should our choice of beverages. Aditya Agrawal, Director of Global Trading Concern (P) Ltd and Arjun Bhandari, Ray Global, share their choice of refreshing drinks for the sunny seasons.


Aditya Agrawal is the Director of Global Trading Concern (P) Ltd. His company is the only distributor of Smirnoff’s flavored vodkas in Nepal.






Vodka 45ml
Cointreau 15 ml
Lemon Juice 15ml
Cranberry juice 90ml

What drinks would you consider to be distinctively spring? Could you describe their taste?
The most drink popular in Nepal, regarding your query, is the Cosmopolitan. It is a mixture of Smirnoff Citrus vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and fresh-lime-juice, shaken and served straight up with flamed orange zest as garnish. It has a lemony taste. You should also taste the Green Apple Martini (Smirnoff Green Apple), and Sunrise (Smirnoff Citrus). The Apple Martini is a mixture of lemon and apple juice, shaken and served with a sweet taste that will leave you wanting more. Likewise, Sunrise consists of orange juice and a float of grenadine. Its taste is a bit tarty, and is best served long on the rocks.

How strong are these drinks?

I’ll be honest here. Smirnoff’s flavored vodkas are light drinks that will rarely leave you with a head-aching hangover. If they are consumed responsibly, the side effects will not trouble you for long.

How woud you say they are better than other competiting flavors?

Smirnoff is a brand that has been around for 150 years now. Famous for its consistent quality, flavored vodkas produced under Smirnoff are well known for their great brand equity as well. The credit goes to the tailoring of innovative variants and the company’s competitive nature.

How do flavored vodkas get their taste? How are they different from regular ones?
The drinks have added extracts that create different and interesting flavors. The trend of flavoring has been around for quite a while now, probably for more than a hundred years. Unlike regular vodka, which is preferred by consumers who are partial to clean tastes, flavored ones have become widely popular among innovative drinkers.

How can they be used to make cocktails?

Flavored vodkas are versatile but it all depends upon the bartenders’ creativity. In order to create something for everyone, a twist can be added to a mixed drink as well. Imagine a cocktail with peach flavored vodka. Ingredients that could complement it include pink grapefruit juice, vanilla, green tea, and cardamom.


Arjun Bhandari is the Managing Director of Ray Global Pvt. Ltd. and Bluebird Mart. His company is the official distributor for f-vodka for Nepal under the supervision of Michel Adam Lisowski of Fashion TV.






The Can-Can
3cl F Vodka Luxury collection
1 ½ cl St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur
½ cl dry vermouth


Which drinks would you recommend to our readers this spring?
Among the 19 varieties mentioned in our catalogue, I would recommend four. The first is the Fashion Passion - a mixture of vanilla syrup, strawberries, and raspberries with dashes of strawberry and raspberry liqueur. Second, the Watermelon Martini - watermelon syrup and 4-5 pieces of watermelon. Then comes the Sexy 10 - a cocktail for after dinner sessions including chocolate schnapps and a sprig of mint. Last but not the least, and a favorite of Michel Adams, is the Can-Can, a mixture of Germaine elderflower liqueur and dry vermouth.

When it comes to cocktails, what do men and women prefer?
From what I’ve seen, women prefer vodka cocktails, while men rarely do. Cocktails are what men usually offer women when they approach them in bars in the West.

What food items would you recommend with the vodka cocktails?

Vodka cocktails are usually consumed before dinnertime. So I’d say light snacks go well.

How strong are these drinks?
That will depend upon your mood and, of course, your stomach! If you are unhappy or have an empty stomach, even a little can get you drunk. Sometimes, the accompanying snack needs to be selected accordingly. Since this is non-flavored fine vodka, it might be a bit strong but, then again, it also has fewer side effects.

Where did these drinks originate?

This culture basically originated in the hot tropical islands of Latin America, where it was served with local ingredients. For example, in Vanuatu, coconut juice was served with the drink. The tradition of making cocktails was made popular by travelers in medieval times who used to mix local juices with vodka after a long journey.
(Bhandari is a Diploma holder of TAFE, Australia’s ‘Wine Appreciation’ course and an associate of Mark Davidson wine.)

Smirnoff’s Peach, Blueberry and Espresso flavours with ‘Sex on the beach’
Ingredients: Smirnoff (peach flavor) 45ml
Peach schnapps 15ml, Orange + cranberry juice


Other flavours available: Green apple, orange, citrus, vanilla, cranberry and raspberry





Cosmopolitan with Love Poison
Love Poison: Vodka 45ml,
Peach Schnapps, Lemonade 30ml,
Orange Juice 90ml and Grenadine syrup (moni)




Green Ocean with Love Poison
Green Ocean: White Rum (60 ml), Pineapple juice (90ml), (Served with lemon toppings)






Passion Cooler with F-Vodka (Luxury) Passion Cooler is a mixture of Pineapple juice and Vodka created by the bartender during the photoshoot!