Located off the main stretch of Thamel, the Electric Pagoda is tucked away in a corner far away from the bustle and noise associated with the popular backpacker haunt. Open spaces and greenery feature heavily at this venue and it all serves to help the guests to relax. The walls are painted up in vivid graffiti styled imagery and the very serenity of the locale is almost able to transport you to the exotic bliss of a beachside bar. 

Ranjit Gurung, manager of the Electric Pagoda, says that he himself enjoys hanging out there and is there practically every night. 

When it was started four years ago, Gurung said he did not want just a bar but something that was different. The Electric Pagoda was a name they chose to reflect both the various genres of electronic music which they play, as well as the cultural heritage of Nepal, with its many temples.   

Aside from belting out house and trance hits, the venue also features reggae acts and bands with a local flavor as part of their live music.


Specialty dishes:
Chicken Burrito
Himalayan Pepper Steak
Garlic Steak
Nepali Thali set (Non-vegetarian)