Situated quite literally at the heart of the party hub that is Thamel, Electric Pagoda reminds you of how a bar and eatery should be. With indoor and outdoor seating as well as floor seating, the ample space in the bar and café add to the ambience. If the interiors don’t typify the laidback ambience of the place, then the booming house music, the dimly lit orange lamps and the graffiti and modern art on the walls will surely do the trick for you.

It has been three and a half years since Electric Pagoda, or EP as it is commonly known, opened its doors and throughout, it has received a very positive response from its customers. Not only does it cater to tourists ambling through the area but also the youth who usually congregate in Thamel. However, Ranjit Gurung, owner of EP, says, “We don’t really have a specific age group that we cater to; people in the ages 18 to 40 years frequently visit Electric Pagoda.”

Until recently, Electric Pagoda also hosted gigs every Wednesday and Saturday. “We had to discontinue that because of the law that forbids us from playing music outdoors after midnight,” comments Gurung.

With good food to accompany the soothing ambience of the place, Electric Pagoda manages to incorporate two of the fundamentals for an enjoyable evening out with friends. EP kitchen specializes in continental, Mexican and Nepali cuisines with specials like chicken cordon bleu, chicken strips and their very own Electric Golden Chicken. The Mexican menu also contains well known specialties like burritos, enchiladas as well as crispy nachos. With the price range ranging between Rs. 300 and Rs. 400, the food at EP is affordable as well as scrumptious and filling.

The well stocked bar serves everything from vodka and rum to tequila and brandy. Specializing in cocktails and mojitos, the bar also serves up some of its self-made specialties. You can choose from about six of their specialties – go for the Sexy Triplet that contains a dash of vodka, lemon juice, mint liquor and banana liquor or the Commercial Break that is concocted with vodka, brandy, cranberry and Coke. The bar not only serves up signature drinks but also offers an astoundingly wide range of cocktails to choose from: nearly sixty cocktails are available at EP. All these can be fetched for prices ranging between Rs. 250 and Rs. 450 each.

Although it has no resemblance to any pagoda, when asked why it was named Electric Pagoda, Gurung replies, “We went for a fusion theme when we first opened the place. It’s called Electric Pagoda because we focus mainly on electronic music when we first opened.”
If it is good music, fantastic drinks, great ambience, then Electric Pagoda is the place to be. !