Discovering a charming and relaxing eatery in Sanepa


The location that is now Tattva was for two years the organic vegetarian Prithvi Café; a week before the earthquake, it reopened as Tattva Bistro and Bar. While the place retained several popular dishes from its vegetarian past, it is now a completely new restaurant with an original and varied menu.


How’s the food?
As owner Rishavh Shrestha explained, the idea is to have a little bit of everything on the menu—Nepali, Indian, continental, as well as a selection of burgers, which have already proven to be popular.
The grilled chicken, which we started with, was quite excellent. The meat was well prepared and tasty with a creamy mushroom sauce, which complemented it well—all in all, it was thoroughly enjoyable. It was served with mashed potatoes and a selection of seasonal vegetables. I was quite impressed with this as a main dish and would be happy to eat it again.

We also tried one of Tattva’s most popular menu items, the Farmer’s Burger; this was a tasty combo of a chicken patty topped with bacon and all the trimmings, and served with fries, of course. It was really yummy; chicken burgers often lack zing for me but this one was flavorful and meaty and did really hit the spot.

For dessert we had caramel pineapple, a round of pineapple dipped in batter, fried, and then served with ice cream. I’d never tried this combination before, and was a little skeptical at first, but was happy to find myself pleasantly surprised. Everything worked really well and wasn’t too heavy or cloying; it was a pleasant end to the meal.

Rishavh told us that they like to play with the menu and try new things so that they can get feedback from customers about new dishes and change the menu every six months. This is a great idea—it’s always nice to try new things and explore other options, while keeping what works. I enjoyed perusing the menu—it had enough variety to be interesting, but was not so huge as to be overwhelming. When it comes to restaurants, I tend to prefer places that do few things, but do them well.

Items that have been popular with customers so far include the Farmer’s Burger we tried, as well as the corn chatpatte and cheese spinach pakora. If you are a vegetarian, it would be worth your while to drop in here; there is quite a wide variety of tasty-looking options that you wouldn’t often find in the valley, and a new tofu burger is being introduced. When you come, make sure to also ask what the weekly special is—it might be just up your alley.


What would you like to drink with that?
Tattva has a small but growing bar, with good choices on offer, and some good non-alcoholic drinks too: among them are peach and apple iced teas, fresh juices and lassi, and a refreshing mint lemonade.


Who’s here?
The café can accommodate 30-35, and is particularly popular in the afternoons and evening time; in addition to guests staying at the two nearby hotels—the Greenwich and the Summit—there are also customers from nearby INGOs, and locals from the area who appreciate the tasty and reasonably-priced dishes.

Décor & Vibe:
This is a unique little place, decorated with posters and whimsical memorabilia, cool art and lots of pictures of motorcycles; there is a seating area outside decorated with flying books and fenced in with bamboo, providing cozy privacy and shielding customers from the bustle of the road. Inside, the bar is a natural gathering spot, but there is other seating also; the two inner rooms have been turned into a single space, and the unfinished brick arch adds to the rustic charm of the interior. Upstairs, there are also a few rooms available for homestay guests; it really is a good location for it.

I was interested to discover why they’d chosen Tattva as the name of the place. It is a Sanskrit word meaning element, both tangible and intangible. Somehow, it seems like a fitting name, as this place isn’t quite like other places, but contains an element that is hard to easily define.


What’s happening next?
Tattva is launching a breakfast/brunch special, from 9 am to 12 noon on Saturdays and Sundays. If the response is good, this may continue throughout the week, as well.

Open mic nights, as well as regular poetry events, are held every fortnight; here you will find more than just tasty food; they are also trying to foster a sense of community and create a gathering place for likeminded souls. Drop in next time you’re in the area, you’ll be glad you did!