Italy is going to soon attack The Organic Village Café, popularly known as Bu Keba! The rich flavors of the regions of Italy will soon be joining forces to take over pages of the restaurant’s menu. Executive chef with Bu Keba Sandeep Khatri has worked on bringing the varied flavors from the regions of Italy to keep Kathmandu diners asking for more – and the creative menu boasts of more than just pizzas, pastas and risottos.

Bu Keba, in association with Fr!day, hosted an exclusive food tasting from 26 June through 3 July. Seven well known couples were invited to the organic café to have a taste of what the innovative menu had on offer. What did they like and what they thought was lacking? Read on to find out:


Samyak and Shavona Udas
For starters they were served Garlic bread which Shavona thought had perfection in everything but Samyak rated it an average for its texture. The spaghetti Ala Olio’s appearance was ranked an average by Samyak but he found its taste to be excellent. The director of Lo

tus Enterprises did not seem to be too appealed by the vegetarian lasagna’s appearance but rated it excellent for its smell and texture; like they say – don’t judge a book by its cover. Miss Nepal Earth 2005 Shavona who currently runs Lucky Ace definitely got more than what she had expected as she commented, “Amazing food! Definitely much more than what I thought it would have been. The ambience perfectly blends with the food – awesome


DJ Raju and Areena Tuladhar
Raju Singh aka DJ Raju, who definitely knows his plate of food, said, “Simply the best.” Wife Areena Tuladhar shared, “I really like the effort put into making things taste perfect.” The spaghetti, for them, was just perfect in terms of texture and taste. For the couple, the aroma and flavor of lobster in herbs with cream sauce was very good too. The pesto pizza too got an excellent rating for its texture, taste and aroma.




Binod and Kamal Tuladhar
Binod Ratna Tuladhar and wife Kamal Tuladhar were very satisfied with the food quality as well as with the staff’s attentiveness and would definitely recommend the place to others. With the food, they were all smiles. However they would want to suggest on the parking space to be a little more spacious.




Nima and Sheli Rumba
Nima and wife Sheli enjoyed the menu. The famed crooner loved the bruschetta served as the appetizer. From the aroma to the food presentation, the couple was wowed by the standards of Italian food at Bu Keba. Nima was equally fond of the soup. As for Areena, the fungi pizza did the magic. The crispy crust and the succulent toppings worked their magic on Areena’s taste buds.



Shekhar and Seema Golchha
The couple was served baked tomatoes with mozzarella for starters, and penne primavera and rocket salad pizza for the entrées. Their overall evaluation: “It was a superb evening starting with appetizers that had an amazing flavor. All the dishes served had distinct flavor.” What they loved the most was the baked tomatoes and mozzarella dish. The couple would have enjoyed the penne more had it been without the peas. They added, “We would definitely come here again with family and friends. It’s a very cozy place with good service and we loved the mouth watering dishes. We appreciate the idea that the restaurant decided to add more vegetarian dishes and introduce new dishes. The desert was mouth-watering.”


Suhrid and Arati Jyoti
The hot corporate couple was served the appetizing grilled potatoes and salami sandwich to begin the fares. Although the sauce looked kind of messy to them, they loved the sandwich that burst with flavors. The steaming hot penne puttanesca was complimented for the herbs and dried tomatoes. The aroma simply was mouth-watering for the couple. Their pick was the three cheese pizza that they said looked smart and picture perfect presentation-wise. They admired it for the strong and bold flavor of varieties of cheese. The overall evaluation: perfectly cooked and a pleasant aftertaste.

Asha Dongol and Erina Tamrakar
The artistic couple had a pleasant dining experience with some really innovative Italian fares. For the starters, they had zucchini blossoms. The crunchy texture and the mild flavor did please the couple very much. The couple was equally awed by the fettucine pasta and the onion garlic pasta. To go with the savory flavors, they were served sea buckthorn juice. Their inference: “The food was very tasty. We liked the presentation and the creativity used in display. We were very satisfied.” Now that means something. !