At the end of a street in Jhamsikhel, you come across this stone temple and a small welcoming door with the sign Jardin. As you enter through the wooden gate, you witness a garden dominated by lush greenery. The décor of the restaurant stays true to its French name – the flora and the cozy interiors bring out the tranquil courtyard impression.

But what is more appealing than the ambience is the food. Jardin is one restaurant in Nepal which can pull off Asian fusion at its best. The menu includes an assortment of flavors from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Middle East. The unique appetizers, appealing cocktails, mouth-watering main courses and lip-smacking desserts perfectly complement the ambience of the restaurant.

This garden of food and wine, in association with Fr!day, invited four select couples to try out some of their exquisite fares. Here are the couples’ experiences:

Philippe Brewster and Virginia Dawson
Philippe Brewster, program officer at IOM and wife Virginia Dawson, a UNICEF consultant, are regulars at Jardin. So the food they were served was not all new to them. They, however, had their share of comments on the fares. For the appetizers they commented, “The salmon was beautifully presented; the sharp flavor of the rocket balanced the richness of the scallops and the prosciutto. The pesto was fresh and lively.” The main course, however, couldn’t impress the couple much. “While we love the idea of homemade pasta, the pasta detracted the flavor of the salmon. A little more work is required to perfect the pasta. We also tasted the pork escalope and found the pasta to be heavy and bland. The pork could have been better matched with a crisp salad,” they shared.

The innovative presentation of the bread and butter pudding made an impression on the couple. The couple were mesmerized with the savory flavors but “it would have been better if it was served hotter,” they commented. The chocolate éclairs unfortunately could not meet the expectations of the discerning palates as the couple said they preferred the fondant to the éclairs.

Overall experience: “The staffs were attentive, polite and respectful. The ambience is elegant yet simple and chilled out.”

Kiran and Rupa Joshi
It was first time for Kiran Raj Joshi and wife Rupa Joshi at Jardin. Electrical engineer Kiran Raj Joshi is the chairman of NEVI while Rupa Joshi works as a communication specialist with UNICEF.

The couple was blown away by the presentation of the appetizers. “The smoked salmon rosettes looked very attractive and were equally tasty; the flavors just burst in the mouth. The duck sushi had a very small portion. The taste was bland at first, but as we bit on, it gathered more flavor,” remarked the couple.

As for the main course, “the mixed seafood tortellini topped with fish rice was just supreme. The chicken pistachio involtini’s presentation; nestled with rockets and grilled tomato was very attractive and pleasant to the eye! The main entrée of grilled pork chops was delicious too. The flavors had really penetrated the tender meat. The spicy pickled onions added spice to the mashed potatoes. This was a good portion and it finally made up for the small appetizer portions,” commented the couple happily.

The last part was probably the best part for the couple as they said, “We just could not resist loving the cheesecake with pistachio topping for dessert. It had a very gentle taste. The warm chocolate fondant spilling out of its casing was very good. The ice-cream however was not up to the mark; a bit of a disappointment after such a great experience.”

Overall experience: The service was very friendly. We would suggest the restaurant to make more space for parking and add suitable music to go with the ambience.

Andrew Neeze and  wife Vania Civane
For VHL accountant Andrew Neeze and wife Vania Civane, it was their second time at Jardin. The couple shared, “Our previous experience was good and this one was somewhat different but we enjoyed our time. The smoked salmon was very nicely presented.” The main courses made a nice impression on the couples. “The chicken pistachio involtini with grilled tomato salad and honey balsamic reduction was very good as well. The pork steaks with apple chutney were excellent too,” commented the couple.

Although they had reservations with the service was a little slow, the couple was pleased with the friendly staff. Overall, they loved the ambience and the food.


Josef and Maria Zimmermann
Chief Technical Advisor and team leader at DRSP Josef Zimmermann and wife Maria Zimmermann are quite experts when it comes to food.

The discerning couple rated the appetizers quite well on the presentation. “The duck sushi with honey soy reduction and momoju oroshi and smoked salmon rosettes with wasabi, panna cotta and soy mirin dressing gets four stars on presentation but the portion was too small to make an impression on other aspects,” commented the couple. It was the main course, for this couple as well that did the magic. For the couple, the entrée of grilled spice rubbed pork chops with spinach, mash, pickled red onions and apple chutney did not only have an excellent presentation but the aroma and the taste blended perfectly.

The dining affair closed with much appreciation from the couple. They remarked, “The chocolate fondant with vanilla ice-cream and white chocolate mojito cheesecake with pistachio crust rate five stars for portion, aroma, presentation, taste and aftertaste. The coffee was number 1.”

Overall experience: Although we had to wait for a very long time for the meals to arrive, our experience was good and we will be coming again. !

Alok Yonzon, Partner
We want to give people a different taste; that’s why we have opted for fusion. We only use the best products and want to give our customers the best service. We always welcome feedback to improve our services.








Tripta Gurung Executive Chef/Co-owner
We are a restaurant that solely focuses on good food with bold and new flavors. Our food and establishment directly chooses our customers too – our menu dictates our style, influences and tastes. So in the end we know that maybe we can change the dining culture here in Kathmandu. Events such as these help us improve in confidence that we are heading the right way and gather a much broader understanding of our clients.