Because a brilliant day always begins with a splendid breakfast, Embassy Restaurant and Bar is here to make sure you have a good day, every day.

Established only six months ago, Embassy Restaurant and Bar has undoubtedly been able to create its own group of loyal customers, one that keeps growing every day. Part of the credit goes to its relaxed ambience, which instantly makes you want to partake in a lazy brunch sitting in one of the garden gazebos. But the vibe would have added up to nothing without its brilliant partnership with food.

Ever since the restaurant’s inception, Embassy has been diligently plating up delicious lunch and dinner meals day in and day out. Less than three weeks ago, they added breakfast to their services as well. The quiet, relaxed, and easygoing ambience works fantastically for the first meal of the day. At 8:00 am, when the breakfast service begins, the sun isn’t cruel and the air is cool enough in the open garden, making even something as humble as tea and toast seem luxurious. The parade of trays filled with soft eggs, toasty breads, warm cups of tea, beautiful bundles of crispy bacon, a healthy dose of muesli, and gorgeous potatoes doesn’t stop till 11. And if you wish to order the breakfast menu even as late as the afternoon, the eatery will oblige.

In our case, the order was placed almost at lunchtime. The Egg Florentine and English breakfast made it to our table, along with coffee. The former is a pyramid ensemble of wilted spinach, poached eggs, and a big spoonful of hollandaise sauce served on a toast, alongside a generous serving of hash brown potatos. A perfectly poached egg ought to break open and give way to a river of glistening gold, and the kitchen staff at Embassy didn’t disappoint. The yolk was runny and as it spread over the spinach and soaked the crispy toast, each bite became heavenly. The hollandaise sauce was creamy and had just enough of a lemony kick to bring the best out of each element on the dish.

The English breakfast consists of an egg of your choice, two pieces of toast with butter and jam, hash brown potato, and a fine choice of bacon or sausages. We chose omelette for eggs and bacon for our dose of protein. Many think that eggs are the simplest things to make, but it is the simple that can go terribly wrong. The omelette on our plate was nothing but the best: creamy, soft, and as fluffy as a cloud. It was, without a doubt, the hero of the dish. The pork had enough crispiness in it to make it a well-cooked bacon. All of the served dishes were delicious, but if I had to point out one little thing I was dissatisfied with, it would be the small portions. Other than that, it was the perfect start to a good day.

Assortments of various side orders are also available to go with your main order. As an option, you can also create your own breakfast by bringing together the various side orders, without having to choose from a concrete set. For example, you could order cheese and tomato omelette to go with two pieces of toast, accompanied by luscious baked beans, bacon, sautéed mushroom, and a tall glass of juice. The breakfast menu also includes a section of healthy cereals and fruits. A heavier breakfast like the ones we had comes with a cup of tea or filter coffee but if you want a different coffee variant such as a Cappuccino, you will have to pay separately.