Delicious Taste, Great Presentation, Exceptional Service.

The Green Leaves Restaurant and Bar is the brainchild of six individuals with decades of experience in the hospitality field. Their experience is reflected in the ambience, the service, and the scrumptious food that will delight your taste buds.

As we entered the restaurant, singer and songwriter Nirnaya Shrestha and I were received with warm greetings from the staff, and ushered inside the well-furnished cabin that seemed ideal for any sort of gathering.“Never thought there would be a restaurant around here with so much space,”exclaimed Nirnaya,as he sat on the sofa along with the directors of the restaurant. In no time at all, one of the staff placed glasses of water and forks and spoons on our table. Initially, we asked for Coke to quench the thirst brought about by the scorching weather.

The menu had a list of international cuisines, from which we selected a few. “Though I mostly prefer Nepali food, I do want to try out international cuisine,” said Nirnaya. It was impressive how quickly the food was prepared and placed, just as we were coming to the end of our drink.

The first dish on the table, Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken,accompanied by french fries and brown sauce, left a mouth-watering impression on me. It was soft, tender, and juicy, with the sauce rendering an amazing flavor. Nirnaya was enchanted by the taste, and said, “I love chicken and have tried it in different restaurants, but this one is just yummy!”The french fries were soft inside, and crispy outside. While the taste could’ve been identical to fries elsewhere, the brown sauce, a spicy herb-masala synthesis, was what made it different.

Next, we were served the second dish of the day, Deep Fried Trout Fish, a Nepali cuisine done in continental style. Placed in the middle of the plate, with oriental sauce and crunchy vegetable salad, the dish looked delicious, and I couldn’t wait to savor it. Nirnaya remarked, “The fried trout is flawlessly crunchy, and its amalgamation with the spicy sauce tastes so well that I would love to have it with rice.”

After we had devoured the totally crispy and crunchy fried trout, we moved on to the last meal of the day, Chicken Walnut Salad, which was more diverse and distinctive in appearance than other salad I’ve had before. It came with sliced chicken and layer on plates with salad leaves and apples. The salad, sprinkled with lettuce and topped off with walnuts, was mixed with thin cream. When Nirnaya took a bite of the creamy juicy chicken salad, it was clear on his face that he relished it a lot. “I am not a salad person, I don’t usually take it, but it looks so delicious that I just want to at least give it a try,” he said, grinning. “The blend of diced apple, grilled chicken, crispy lettuce, and mixed honey is impeccable. I think I will never stray away from having salad again.”

Green Leaves Restaurant and Baris a complete family oriented multi-cuisine restaurant offering an ideal place to relish and savor food in international style. The restaurant has ample space, thus making it a perfect venue for celebrating birthday parties and holding events. “Its calm ambience, cordial staff, and delicious food makes me want to return here with my family in a few days, for certain,” commented Nirnaya.

Nirnaya Shrestha’s Ratings on the Restaurant
-    Grill Honey Mustard Chicken - 5 / 5 
-    Chicken Walnut Salad - 3.5 / 5
-    Deep Fried Trout - 5 / 5
-    Staff - 4 / 5
-    Ambience - 4.5 / 5
-    One word about the restaurant: Savory 
-    Final take: The presentation of the food is perfect andthe taste is exceptional, thus making the dining experience a remarkable one.