Beer, a beverage made with malted cereal grains, hops, and water, fermented by adding yeast, is certainly one of the most preferred beverages around the world. Over the last several years, low calorie beer has been gaining immense popularity. As the lifestyles of people are changing, they are being more health conscious. People prefer low calorie food and beverages, therefore, light beers are gaining such popularity. Even in Nepal, people are following healthy lifestyles and opting for healthy low calorie diets over rich high calorie diets. 

Arna Light Beer, introduced by Yeti Brewery Pvt. Ltd., is the only beer in Nepal that is low on calorie and carbs. Arna Light is opening up a fresh avenue for the beer drinkers in Nepal, bringing them an alternative and variety within the beer category without compromising on the taste. Arna Light 25 is the first and only low-calorie and low-carbohydrate beer to be introduced in the Nepali market. It is positioned as, “High on Fun, Low on Calories”, and comes with a clean and crisp taste that you can enjoy at any time of the day.

It is a beer with a super light body, made from exotic European hops, and has a very clean appearance. It is brewed for 25% longer time to remove extra 20% calories and 34% more carbohydrates than other mild beers, giving it a pleasant, natural finish, without compromising 

The process of making beer

•    Beginning in the brew house, different types of malt are crushed together to break up the grain kernels in order to extract fermentable sugars to produce a milled product          called grist. 
•    The grist is transferred into a mash tun, where it is mixed with heated water in a process called mash conversion. The conversion process uses natural enzymes in the           malt to break the malt’s starch down into sugars.
•    The mash is then pumped into the lauter tun, where a sweet liquid (known as wort) is separated from the grain husks.
•    After boiling, the wort is transferred into a whirlpool for the wort separation stage. During this stage, any malt or hop particles are removed to leave a liquid that is ready to        be cooled and fermented. 
•    After fermentation, the young “green” beer needs to be matured, in order to allow full development of flavors and a smooth finish.
•    After reaching its full potential, the beer is filtered, carbonated, and transferred to the bright beer tank, where it goes through a cellaring process that takes 3-4 weeks to          complete. Once completed, the beer is ready to be packaged.

Although the beer brewing process is more or less the same everywhere, the only thing that might defer are the materials and technology each company uses. Arna Light is brewed using the best raw materials and the latest technology, thus ensuring the best beer in the market.