I love calling Comfort Zone the oasis of Thamel. Why? First, it’s not easy to find; second, you wouldn’t believe it’s in Thamel; third, the temperature is not much different from outside thanks to the architecture which is covered only on the top.

One of my reasons for addiction to CZ is the beginner – the sea-weed soup which is a well-calculated amount of shrubbery submerged in salt solution infused with soy sauce and garnished with shredded garlic and sesame. Good to know: sea-weed is a blood purifier. Now, this reminds me of the Gimbap (or Kimbap) at CZ. Gimbap derives its name from Gim, the dried seaweed used to roll the ingredients, and Bap, the rice. Gimbap is the Korean counterpart of Sushi and the Nepali version too boasts a commendable mensuration. The one at CZ comes with radish gimchi making it a light lunch. However, the gim seemed kinda reluctant to bind the whole stuff together and I was left with a fork to savor it all (MI : III) so I resorted to the dining tools I was born with.


5 Ws

Where’s it located?
Bank of Kathmandu building,
Thamel (that’s all the direction I
can give).
What to wear?
anything but something, dressing
is not optional; sunglasses in
the afternoon.
Why drop in?
For the sea weed soup, shrimp
fried rice, and coffee with liquor.
When to visit?
early afternoon or after 5 any
day; Fridays for eastern classical
and fusion.
How much to carry?
a decent meal for two without
drinks comes to around
Rs. 1500/- (Taxes included).

The guy waiting on me was pretty amiable; but as tough luck would have it, most of my culinary wishes seemed like a rare call at CZ and he had to check with the kitchen. The secret however was, they preserve rare ingredients (the ones that need to be imported) for their regulars, which they thankfully remember.  

The fried rice here comes sizzling on an iron plate in a wooden holder that were built to serve their respective purposes. The sticky rice is prepared with Soy Sauce and diced vegetables while the shrimps are salmon red chewy bits of carnivore gratification. The complementary kimchi makes a tamasic accompaniment to the more satvic morsels of rice.

The heavenly part for me at CZ, which also has ‘Bar & Grill’ attached to the nomenclature, is the barbeque. The barbeques are served in skewers and the chicken, pork, sausage or shrimps are woven with cauliflower inflorescence, onion quarters, tomato, bell peppers, aubergine and zucchini. My favorite thing to chew on is the aubergine (despite the fact that I need to rely on prescription drugs after the relish). The aubergine gives off a smoky taste, and with all the stickiness gone it feels like I’m chewing on a sponge stuffed with sesame seeds. The very domestic glaze strikes my nostalgic chords. As for the shrimps, undress them before eating.

  To sum it up, creativity flows from the walls onto your plate at Comfort Zone. If you are planning a renovation for your huge unused terrace, meet your interior consultant over a dinner at CZ. !


Interiors   Huge paintings on the wall Unpalatably unfinished nooks and corners
Ambience   Green environs Undusted seating and worn out upholstery
Tech-check   Bose speakers Wireless Infidelity
Cutlery   The coffee mug Scratched plates
Finances   Reasonable price Cards not accepted
Intangibles   Ping-pong table Scary bathroom and prehistoric latch