Casa de Cass has a rather modest appearance from the outside. Done with wide translucent glass panes, the place may easily be ignored in the rather high rise neighborhood. A cozy atmosphere with snug couches and uncluttered tables welcomes you on your arrival. For those with an artistic inclination, the oils on the wall, the mahogany cupboard and the old case substituted for a table strike notes.

The single sheet lunch menu offers soups, salads, sandwiches, crepes, quiche and pastas – no high-carb yet satiating for lunchtime. The dinner menu is quite elaborate with great offers on all meats. I suggest ordering the full course right away because they take time with the food, although it’s almost always worth the wait. It is the lunch menu, however, that must be mentioned – because first, it is a light lunch menu in a true sense and second, it does not have the mundane noodles and rice options.


5 Ws

Where’s it located?
Harihar Bhawan, opposite UH House
What to wear?
Semi formals are appropriate
Why drop in?
The crepes and the salads
When to visit?
How much to carry?
Meal for two comes at two thousand and a half

The calamari salad comes with an interesting aromatic dressing. The squids are done right, well marinated in the dressing, and combined with rocket, basil, dill and watercress. The accompanying grilled tomatoes are just heavenly. Slightly charred and a bit dehydrated, the texture is great to chew on. Thanks to the seeped in dressing, the crunchiness of the greens comes down a little, which is actually welcome for it makes the process of devouring the greens easier. Those who’re in for that really crunchy green affair, I suggest the green salad. Done in minimal dressing, this meal interferes the least with the taste buds except for the occasional dill. The salad portions are generally very huge, so I recommend a serving for at least two unless you plan to have the salad as the main meal.


With the crepes, you have the double option of sweet or savory fillings and single, double or triple fillings. With the savory ones, you have up to six fillings to choose from. Two stuffed crepes accompanied by a small serving of fresh green salad and potato salad make the meal. The potato salad is cold and abounds in parsley, making for a cool accompaniment. The crepes themselves are properly thin and the filling is optimal. The crepes boast a most natural filling. The regular combinations of ham and cheese or cheese and spinach make a flavorful bite.

For those not into all that cutlery stuff, I recommend the sandwiches. You have options with the sandwiches too. Served with the same accompaniments as the crepes, the sandwiches boast of special bread. The crusty bread is worth the attention for its unique texture. Try the quiche, if you may, and it won’t fail you either. The slice is adequate for an individual; don’t go by its size. The base is fluffy and the topping is just smooth – the right kind to ask for. A cut with a fork is all it needs for a yum deal. With the spaghetti, I prefer putanesca and carbonara. The spaghetti is cooked right and served warm. With the putanesca, the tomato sauce is topped on the spaghetti – simple and filling. The carbonara comes in a luscious creamy sauce with bacon slices. Drop in some chipotle for that zing and you have a beautiful food.

Despite its size, Casa de Cass commands a good following, especially from the neighboring businesses and expats. Casa capitalizes on simple fares with its dedication to variation. While the classy ambience of course adds up to the value of the place, it is the food after all that is something to look up to. The service staff do their best to ensure that patrons are well taken care of – be with the food or with the esthetics; and there is one member of the service staff that I am particularly fond of. How I wish they had some more eateries around specializing in light lunch. !

Furnishings   classy and interestingly diverse comfortable
Ambiencee   calm and soothing
Cutlery   visually appealing and ergonomic
Service   professional with a casual touch
Restroom   clean and nice
My rating   recommended for lunch meetings