A Place You Probably Haven't Been To, But Should

I’m a friendly guy who makes friends very quickly.

I always cherish waiters, no matter how disdainfully I am treated because they are a comforting connection to the beers I adore. I know that if I can somehow get off to a good start with them, which is no cinch for me, I’m in for unrivalled bar experience, one that incorporates traditional over-the-counter service, wonderful bad jokes and I kid you not – being the first choice at purchasing the only remaining bottle of your brand of beer at midnight - the latter being the most important factor in ‘reasons why you need to be friends with the bartender’.


Needless to say, Jaggu, the bartender at House of Music and I are good friends. Hell, I’ve been there 7 times, and we already shake hands. I even get this feeling (or it’s probably because I’m drunk by the end of it all) that Jaggu serves me a little more than 30ml of tequila with a smile when I ask for a shot.

See? I told you I was a friendly guy.

House of Music opened a year ago, and like any other bars, it probably needs some time to grow into its own; but as I walk into the place on a recent evening to good music playing in the background, I can actually see the potential of the place.    

House of Music is actually a rather pretty little pub by Thamel standards, which may come as a bit of a surprise considering it’s the first bar to be actually reviewed on Fr!day. However, that’s not really saying much. The area around it is rather rundown but the building in which it resides, next to the Godavari Alumni Association (GAA) building, screams boozer from every angle. The small staircase entry speaks of boldness and shows off its blatant masculinity, and this feel is continued within. The place has the usual array of heavy wooden tables and slightly battered chairs, a bar displaying bottles of sinful drinks, including Tequila gold - a must if you’re a beer drinker and still sober by closing time. It’s a simple but ultimately satisfactory scene.

So it sounds like a bit of a sore thumb in the midst of so many great old Thamel pubs, right? Yes and no. What House of Music has going for it is the bones of a great old building and some excellent local beers to go with the bands that perform live on weekends. For finger food, I’d recommend ‘Yakitori’ – chicken barbeque cooked Japanese style. The quantity served is almost enough for a party of three, unless one of the 3 is really hungry. Then it becomes enough for a party of 2.

One of the first things you’ll notice as you walk into it is that this is a real man’s pub – and a local one at that. Guys and girls, mostly ex-Xavarians and ex-St. Mary’s looking for a drink and some good music, will be in their elements. Slightly rowdy, it never feels intimidating; instead it offers a good atmosphere during live performances. It’s a simple formula that works because music lovers have simple needs. Beer? Check. Open until midnight? Check. Done. !